Montgomery County


Sandra draws her inspiration from her “idyllic life growing up in rural Alabama.” She says that South Montgomery County influenced her “perception of life and the subject matter of my paintings.”

Sandra’s rural scenes portraying nature are created using rich pastel colors that appear to be taken directly from the landscape around her at the time. While viewing her landscapes, one could imagine the shading and detail that appears to change as if viewed in real time.

Using bold brush strokes and soft blending of her palette, Sandra has captured nature in its entire splendor. Close your eyes and imagine the sun and its intensity, the coolness of the shade beneath the trees, and the breath of fresh air that seems miles away from the industrial cityscapes that are like a distant memory that time has erased.

Sandra’s paintings are shown in galleries throughout the south and have been featured in Southern Accent magazine

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Hay Field  sandra hicks-barnes, oil paintng, trees, nature, hay field, hayfield
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Sandra Hicks-Barnes: Hay Field; oil painting; 12x12