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Charlie Lucas has been creating artwork from discarded objects since he was three years old. He began by making small toys for himself and his siblings and progressed rapidly into building large-scale works before he was a teenager. Watching his great grandfather create in his blacksmith’s shop, Charlie felt the bubble of an artist about to burst from within him. Finding himself unable to work later in life, Charlie asked God to guide and direct him.  His art is what God told him to do.

Charlie’s art comes to him through his dreams and is created using discarded items, a welding machine, and a cutting torch. The recycled objects that he uses influence the shape and size of his sculptures, but the finished product is truly his own. Born of an adventurous spirit and a desire to create, Charlie’s art is a reflection of his belief in God and the power within.

Charlie’s work is also available for sale and display in galleries and showrooms around the world.

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Goldilocks goldilocks, charlie lucas, tin man, the tin man, folk art
Goldilocks Price: $1,150.00
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Internationally renowned folk artist from Selma, Alabama, Charlie "Tin Man" Lucas, creates his one of a kind paintings and sculptures from mostly found materials. This piece has been crafted from a refurbished bike seat into a unique folk art sculpture.

Taker Out for a Ride charlie lucas, tin man, taker out for a ride, painting, folk art
Taker' Out for a Ride Price: $575.00
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"Taker' Out for a Ride" is a piece that personifies different inanimate objects that are typical within cities.  It shows a woman, bike, a building, sidewalks, and a facial features.  It is an acrylic on mapboard signed by the artist, Charlie Lucas.Charlie "Tin Man" Lucas: "Taker' Out for a Ride"; 32"x18"; signed by the artist 

"Do Rag Women"  Rags, Head, Women, Charlie, Lucas, Mask, TinMan, Metal, Sculpture, Face, Folk Art,
"Do Rag Women" Price: $145.00
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The Tin Man's "Do Rag Women" are a good representation of Charlie Lucas' unique style of working with found objects, re-purposed tin, and a multitudes of recycled materials. Although small in size (14" high by 9" wide), Charlie's "Do Rag Women" are available in a variety of colored head dresses! Please call us at 682-9878 for available colors. Charlie has become an internationally known artist with followers and collectors world-wide. ...