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Wooden Cutting Boards

Lawrence Moore’s first experience in the wood industry was as a teenager helping in his father’s sawmill. After retiring from the chemical industry, Lawrence returned to his love of wood and began creating furniture as a self-taught carpenter. He says that woodworking requires proper tools (which he has collected for many years) and patience (which comes from practice and experience).

While making his furniture, Lawrence wondered what could be created from the strips of wood that he trimmed off of the edges. The variations of color intrigued him.  After putting several strips together, he saw the beginning of a sturdy, solid structure. Lawrence laminates three-quarter to one-inch thick strips of dried wood together, then cuts the edges flush before a final finish sanding. Three coats of salad bowl finisher are rubbed into the cutting boards. The sealant is to prevent moisture from penetrating, which would cause ruinous shrinkage. Lawrence works with walnut, maple, and cherry, but solid oak is his favorite for its sturdiness and color.

Lawrence’s cutting boards are also available at his workshop.

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Cora Jean
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Cora Jean is the story of a young girl from the American South, the daughter of a prostitute who is sold for forty dollars and five sacks of sweet potatoes. From a brutal upbringing and tumultuous life growing up in the 1960s to modern day, Cora Jean's simple heart and strength of character shine through in a story of love, loss and ultimate grace that speaks volumes to us all.