Wilcox County

Painted Gourds

An artist does not always need special training before he or she is able to create. This tenet is evident in artist Carol Potter. Around 2004, Carol acted on her interest in the arts, specifically painting, teaching herself to paint by reading books on the topic and watching videos of artists.

Now in just two to three days, Carol takes a natural gourd and creates something special from it. Using acrylic paints, she transforms the surface of this hollow dry shell into a work of art.

Carol says that painting her gourds helps to break up stress. She does enjoy giving some away to friends and family members as gifts.

Currently, Carol’s gourd can only be found at Black Belt Treasures or purchased from the artist herself.

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Hand-painted Turkey
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Carol Potter, a self taught artist, takes natural gourds, puts them through a drying process and turns the surface of this, mostly hollow, dry shell into a work of art. "Hand-painted Turkey" depicts three outdoor autumn scenes hand-painted with acrylics on a gourd. Each piece is sealed with a protective coating. This gourd is approximately 9 inches in diameter and 15 inches in height. ...