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Pine Needle Baskets

The calming nature of “whispering pines” must have played a lead role in the inspiration of Sheree when she started making pine needle baskets. She says that she “can relax and let the pine needles guide my hands to form whatever shape my baskets may take.” Weaving the pine needle baskets take from a few days to a week or two from start to finish. Just a description of the basic materials such as pine needles, nylon, waxed linen, or sinew thread used in the construction of Sheree’s baskets does not begin to describe the beauty of her finished art.

When asked to comment on how she got started with her craft, Sheree said “I just took a class” - a continuing education class at AUM in Montgomery that was taught by an instructor who studied at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School in North Carolina.

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4" Green and Blue Pine Needle Basket sheree sullivan, pine needle basket, basket,
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Handmade Pine Needle Basket by Sheree Sullivan with blue and green woven accents and a pine cone handle on the top lid. The basket is 4" deep.