Wilcox County


Karen feels that the most enjoyable aspect of her life as a watercolor artist is the “plein air” experience – of painting out of doors, and her watercolor landscapes are examples of that experience. Some of her watercolors have pastel overlays while others are enhanced with pen and ink.

Karen has been painting for years but in 2007 she studied with pastel master Albert Handel and added pastels to her repertoire. She stated that she had specialized training at the Art Institute of Chicago and studied at various workshops with Stan Goudey, Joe Garcia and most recently with Brian Blood in Carmel, California.

Karen’s work can also be seen at the Selma Art Guild.

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Sunset on Lake karen weir, sunset on lake, oil painting, black belt treasures,
Sunset on Lake Price: $425.00
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Karen Weir: Sunset on Lake; framed oil painting, approx. 12.5"x15.5"

Peach Iris karen weir, peach iris, watercolor,
Peach Iris Price: $600.00
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Karen Weir: Peach Iris; framed watercolor painting, approx. 27.5"X30"; signed by the artist

Snacking Bee karen weir, snacking bee, watercolor,
Snacking Bee Price: $425.00
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Karen Weir: Snacking Bee; framed watercolor painting, approx. 11"x14"; signed by the artist

Rose Patch Karen Weir, Watercolor, framed, black belt treasures,
Rose Patch Price: $295.00
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Karen Weir: Rose Patch; framed watercolor, 12"x15"