Conecuh County

Pottery & Twig Structures

Donna Wesley is a self-described naturalist whose love of and respect for nature is paramount in her creations both in clay and wood. She has spent extensive time researching and studying Native American artifacts and techniques and has incorporated this style into her work.

Donna’s decorative wood-fired pottery is an extension of her natural inspirations. Her nature inspired colors wash over the surfaces of her work, creating waterfalls and sunsets of continually changing light. Her attention to detail is also evident on the interior of her creations, where the impression of the steady pressure of her fingers swirls from top to bottom.

Donna creates twig furniture and cabins from crepe myrtle trimmings and beaver dam wood. Using these cast offs allows her to recycle nature’s cuttings. Donna retrieves the beaver wood directly from the dams, wading into the water to the structures. She does not disturb the dam, but helps foster the continual activity of the beavers.

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Donna Wesley: Twig Tripod Stand