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Natalie Johnson is a self-taught decorator who began her training as a young-adult. After a brief training with a local draper, she spent many years practicing her chosen sewing techniques, fulfilling her dreams of becoming a designer of both interiors and the objects within. Sage advice from her father (who owned an interior design business) included the comment that design can be more about taste than training.

JanAutreywas greatly influenced in the area of sewing by her mother and grandmother. She continued this early training by sewing for her young family. Wanting a career that allowed her to be at home with her children, Jan joined Natalie, who has the same family first desires.

Quality fabrics and trims are a design feature of the items created by Natalie and Jan. Inspired by the availability of supplies, the two women work together to make useful items that reflect current fashions and needs, while maintaining classic lasting quality.

La-D-Da designs can also be found at Carriage House Interiors in Montgomery.

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Baby Bib w/ribbon tie  natalie l. johnson, bib, baby bib, baby bib with ribbon tie
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Natalie L. Johnson - Baby Bib w/ribbon tie; approx. 7"x9" Each purchase comes with one (1) bib. If you'd like to purchase a specific bib, call us at (334) 682-9878 or leave a customer comment.