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Fabric Artist

Leslie says of her own quilts that they “are modern and made with bright colors”.But, each quilt tells a story in both design and color that is inspired by a particular print fabric. Continuing the “modern” aspect of her creations, she buys most of her fabrics online, and then might not know what she will do with the fabric until sometime later. Her quilts take from two to four weeks to complete.

Fabric bowls are made of clothesline rope that is wrapped with quilt fabric scraps, shaped through a process of zigzag sewing the rounds together and wrapping them over and over again.A bowl, depending on size and print combinations, can take from 6 to 15 hours to make.She says that each bowl is almost a surprise when they are completed.

Over the last ten years, Leslie has tried many different mediums including knitting (mostly sweaters), and jewelry making using antique pendants as the focal point. Her quilting started from the admiration of the quilts of a good friend, and the inspiration and encouragement to sew by her mother-in-law, Lillian Zacchini.She says that when she isn’t sewing she is “thinking about and designing my next two projects”.

Leslie admitted that the most rewarding aspect of her work “is creating something special that will last for a long time”. She said she falls in love with each quilt and is excited that others might feel the same way.She hopes her work, especially her quilts, will be pleasing and inspirational for generations.

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Artist Brush Roll Up art brush holder, brush holder, brush, art accessories
Artist Brush Roll Up Price: $35.00
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This handcrafted brush roll up sleeve, by artist Leslie Zacchini, is perfect for storing you paint or makeup brushes. It measures 16"x17.5" when laid flat. There are varying pocket sizes to fit your brushes and has multiple places to fold along the top so it can hold short or long brushes. *Brushes not included.

Fabric Zippered Pencil Case leslie zacchini, pencil case, zippered pencil case, fabric, school, fabric zippered pencil case,
Fabric Zippered Pencil Case Price: $10.00
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You will be the coolest kid in school when you have the patterned pencil pouches in your binder.  They are a fun, bright school supply made of fabric, complete with a zipper.  You will absolutely love keeping your pencils in here.Leslie Zacchini - Fabric Zippered Pencil Case, approx. 9.5" in length Each purchase comes with one (1) pencil case. If you'd like to purchase a specific pencil case, call us at (334) 682-9878 or leave a customer comment. ...