Montgomery County


Dorothy Woods is a self-taught native Alabama artist who’s been quilting off and on all her life. Her love for fabrics and quilting is reflected in the huge smile that comes across her face when she talks about her quilts.

The designs are original, and she uses only high-quality designer fabrics. Her appreciation for these beautiful fabrics comes from working with a Montgomery decorator for years. She gets inspiration from the fabric’s colors and patterns and works out the design in her mind as she makes the small stitches. The quilts are made entirely by hand, without a frame, and because of that, slight variations in sizes may occur. She allows her creativity to determine the size of the quilt, but her quilts include crib to queen size and all sizes in between.

When unfolding one of Dorothy’s quilts, you sense a peaceful and happy quality about them. All of her quilts have a distinctive piece of fabric sewn in a corner that contains her signature, the date the quilt is finished, and the name of the quilt.