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“The relation between what beauty is and fashion has always intrigued me. Fashion has replaced the classic idea of beauty with its own changing ideals. My work explores how the current fashion ideal exaggerates the figure by substituting its visual ideal for personal perfection.

The female form has a recurring theme in my work. This new work explores fashion’s current exaggeration of lips and eyes as representing the ideal beauty. My paintings are acrylic, ink and graphite on birch board and are done in a colorful, pop style.

The paintings deal with obvious imperfections that fashion now dictates to be today’s visual ideal. As in previous work, these paintings depict women trying to mold their faces to fit fashion. For centuries, women have been judged by their looks. Now, women are judging themselves using fashion’s ideal as the standard to which they must conform.”

Koontz, a fine arts professional with a BPFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, attributes her mom and dad for inspiring her to create. She has been making art since she was 3 years old, and says she ‘gets lost’ in her art. She loves to share her love of art with others through teaching – and says that she “lives, breathes, and eats the Arts!”

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Bourgeois Price: $65.00
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This darkly colored wall hanging is a wood painting sculpture that features large buttons with a black pearl in the center. On the back of the woman, it reads "Take care of your Soul." The face is decorated with bright red lips, rosy pink cheeks, and brilliant blue eyes with dramatic black eyeliner.Rebecca Koontz: Bourgeois (Misc Object Sculpture) approx. 15"h

Lets Roll
Let's Roll Price: $65.00
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For the football fanatic, this wooden wall hanging wears a red and white #13 uniform.  The arms are constructed with rulers.  The back has the word ROLL painted on it.  Could this be the a Crimson Tide football player?Rebecca Koontz: Lets Roll Sculpture (Misc Objects) with Vintage ruler; Approx 16.5"h

Birch Leaf Cuff
Birch Leaf Cuff Price: $45.00
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Rebecca Koontz's Birch Leaf Cuffbracelet is fashioned from hammered recycled copper and silver solder.  The highlight of this piece of jewelry is a metal birch leaf on the front.

The Little Flower Truck rebecca koontz, painting, art, flower
The Little Flower Truck Price: $65.00
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Item #: 12327 -

This vibrant acyrilic on canvas painting shows a flower truck with a mother and daughter and a young woman.  There is a bright blue flower truck in the background in front of a tree.Rebecca Koontz: The Little Flower Truck 6"x6" Acrylic on Canvas

Pink Cottage
Pink Cottage Price: $65.00
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The feature of this painting is a bright pink cottage with blue shutters. There is a woman off to the side trimming up her small flower garden.  Rebecca Koontz: Pink Cottage 6"x6" Acrylic

Mentone Cabin rebecca koontz, painting, art, flower, cabin
Mentone Cabin Price: $65.00
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Item #: 12324 -

Everyone loves campfire nights.  Everyone loves smores. You will be sure to love this painting that shows a family of three roasting marshmallows around a campfire.Rebecca Koontz: Mentone Cabin 6"x6" Acrylic on Canvas

Fashion Women Necklaces rebecca koontz, necklaces, fashion. fashion women,
Fashion Women Necklaces Price: $15.00
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Rebecca Koontz: Fashion Women Necklaces 

Terrain Necklace rebecca koontz, necklaces, terrain, embossed copper, ceramic pendant,
Terrain Necklace Price: $40.00
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Item #: 12058 -

Rebecca Koontz: Terrain Necklace; embossed copper and ceramic pendant

Braque rebecca koontz, necklace, braque, steel ball chain, ceramic pendant,
Braque Price: $25.00
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Item #: 9363 -

Rebecca Koontz: Braque; steel, ball chain and ceramic pendant

Moody rebecca koontz, necklace, moody, recycled copper, vintage ball chain, ceramic pendant,
Moody Price: $40.00
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Item #: 9375 -

Rebecca Koontz: Moody; recycled copper, vintage ball chain and ceramic pendant

Medallion Found Object Necklace rebecca koontz, necklace, medallion, turquoise,
Medallion Found Object Necklace Price: $25.00
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Item #: 12076 -

Rebecca Koontz: Medallion Found Object Necklace; found object leather, turquoise, and afghanistan amulet

Shibori rebecca koontz, necklaces, steel, ceramic pendnat
Shibori Price: $40.00
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Item #: 9381 -

Rebecca Koontz: Shibori; steel and ceramic pendant