Wilcox County

Soap & Cultural Arts Historian

Wilcox County born and raised, Betty Anderson grew up surrounded by heritage arts that were created out of necessity. From making their own soap and clothing, to furniture and quilts – Betty was ingrained with the heart and soul of an artist, but didn’t know it. In addition, Betty’s father was a successful entrepreneur, who ran the longest open business by an African American in the Black Belt – The Camden Shoe Shoppe.

After over twenty years of a professional career in New York City, and living through being trapped in the subway under the World Trade Center on 9/11, Betty moved home to Wilcox County. Drawing from her childhood memories and learning, Betty began to make traditional lye soap. In addition, she made it her mission to honor her father’s hard work and memory by creating the Camden Shoe Shoppe Museum – which showcases her father’s historic tools, family quilts, Wilcox County Civil Rights educational materials, a large collection of quilts, and more.

In addition to her many creative ventures, Betty does historic lye soap demonstrations and educational programs and gives guided tours of her museum.

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Betty Anderson's handmade Women of Gee's Bend dolls are each uniquely made and resembles a true Gee's Bend lady. They each are made of different fabrics and styles. Betty Anderson- "Women of Gees Bend" Dolls. Each purchase is 1 doll and each doll is uniquely made. Photo's in listing do not always reflect the dolls we have in stock but each Women of Gee's Bend is uniquely made and resembles a true Gee's Bend lady.