Dallas County

Pen & Ink Architectural Drawings

Cindy Stoudenmire used her drafting background to work as a technical drawer with isometric drawings and as a graphic artist. This training has given her detailed oriented eye the ability to isolate planes and depths that few observers notice in the architectural world around them. While working under Jack Reed, Cindy took his encouraging advice and began to draw.

Cindy calls her pen and ink drawings portraits of architecture. Her artwork captures the minute details and shadows created by the intricacies that fine craftsmen have molded in wood. Cindy sees a small segment of a broken pediment as a work of art in its own right. She wants the observer to appreciate the quality and beauty of fine architecture and she uses her artwork as a catalyst toward the preservation of old buildings and the lost quality of master craftsmen.

Cindy’s works are also available at Andre’s in Newnan, Georgia and Southern Hub in Selma.

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"Eggplant" on Canvas cindy stoudenmire, eggplant on canvas, painting, purple, vegetable, veggies
"Eggplant" on Canvas Price: $100.00
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Cindy Stoudenmire: "Eggplant" on Canvas; approx. 8x9

Flower 2 cindy stoudenmire, flower 2, red, purple, maroon, burgundy, yellow, floral, nature, painting
Flower 2 Price: $150.00
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Artist: Cindy Stoudenmire Dallas County

Flower 1 cindy stoudenmire, flower 1, pink, light pink, dark pink, green, yellow, floral, nature, painting
Flower 1 Price: $150.00
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Cindy Stoudenmire: Flower 1; approx, 12x12x1.5

Mixed Media I cindy stoudenmire, mixed media 1, print, colorful, small, matted
Mixed Media I Price: $23.00
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Cindy Stoudenmire: Mixed Media I; approx. 5.5x4.75