Clarke County


Rogers work is made from recycled materials found in abandoned houses, old home sites and scrap piles. His search for materials is ongoing, but once gathered it takes from two to three hours to complete a piece. Works include window frames that are fitted with old kitchen utensils to picture frames and other useful and/or decorative pieces.

As with many artists and craftsmen who say they had no special training, Roger’s Father had “loads of woodworking tools that he showed me how to use. In some instances I am still using those tools – now antiques.” He has also done some wood carving and furniture pieces. One such piece was a finished desk that was made from several desks that he had taken apart.

Roger admits that the most rewarding feelings – “the biggest kick” – is to take something discarded, damaged or abused and “make something useful…to find a new purpose for it all.”

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Roger Van Wyck: Dodge Parts on Board; approx. 11"x8"x3.5"