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“Sometimes I can write a column in 20 minutes, if the thoughts are flowing free. Other times I may have this single point I build around or I will have a string of words repeating in my head that sound good spelled out on paper. I will write the whole column just to use that string of words. Those take a little longer to write.

I have written compulsively since I was a child, but started writing officially when I became a staff writer with The Clarke County Democrat in Grove Hill, Alabama in 1993. I have tried to draw, paint and play music. They were all such an effort. They took huge focus and I still wasn't very good. With writing, it’s like I am the pen. Words flow through.

I was 21 when I started at The Clarke County Democrat. And turn 40 in a few months. I didn't write as much when my children were babies and toddlers. My focus then, besides mothering, was on becoming authentic. I realized early on that people liked to read truth. I knew in order to write straightforward I had to become a seriously authentic person.

I am mostly self-taught as a writer. My dad belonged to this Spokesman’s Club when I was growing up. He was a member for years and every month they would learn some new element involved with public speaking. They learned to get the audience’s attention, and how to add color, or humor. They learned to express emotions through words. And I guess I picked up on some of that on some level…because it wasn’t from college. I didn't learn to write in college. I was going to teach biology, anatomy, physiology…I never intended to be a creative writer.

The most rewarding part of writing is having people tell me they have related to something I have written. Or that I have touched them in some way. I have strived to write from such a place of truth. When someone does relate to me, I know they are coming from a place of truth too.”

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Amanda Walker is a longtime columnist with AL.com, the Wilcox Progressive Era in Camden, Alabama, several regional papers. Her writing explores the elusive ups and downs of everyday life. She weaves and dances along the heartstrings thread through us all. She can be quite opinionated and delightfully humorous.Her book "The Tears and Laughter of a Southern Voice Calling" is a collection of short stories, writing, and collumns based off of experiences from life growing up in the south. ...