Wilcox County

Fiber Artist/Mixed Media

“When I was a small child I would play underneath my Grandmother’s quilting frame which covered most of the living room” explained Claudia. Her grandmother, Malissa Pettway, and her mother Tinnie and Aunt Minnie were accomplished quilters from Gees Bend, Alabama. Although Claudia says she had no special training, with these quilters in her family it goes without saying that she would be blessed with talent of her own, so she is “generation #4” of Gees Bend Quilters.

Claudia artistic ideas follow the Gees Bend style that comes from the heart, but when “energized” she uses brighter colors. She works early in the morning with fabric all around her. The materials used include cotton, denim, linen and other fabrics, as well as card stock when making note cards. Some pieces are placed in wooden frames. Small pieces are made in one day, however, wall art, quilts and handbags take two to three weeks to complete.

The Black Belt influence that is most rewarding and enjoyable to Claudia is the freedom of feeling and expressing herself with “no rules or judgments, just you and your material…and…being able to use what you have and make something of value. Recognizing that beauty is all around you…and all we need to do is pay attention.”

“As CEO of our company That’s Sew Gee’s Bend we have received accolades for working with nonprofit organizations, etc.” She has taught privately and with small groups, at Hobby Lobby and The Alabama Folk School at Camp McDowell. Her work is also available at The Painted Shovel (Birmingham), Alabama Goods (Homewood) and Mason Murel Fine Art in Atlanta.

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C. Charley: Cotton Rug 3x5 claudia charley, cotton rug, rug
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C. Charley: Cotton Rug 3x5

C. Charley:Gees Bend Door Mat  claudia charley, gees bend, door mat, gees bend door mat
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C. Charley:Gee's Bend Door Mat