Wilcox County


John Daniel’s materials include wood, glue, epoxy, fiberglass and carbon fiber. His sources include donated scrap wood and local vendors. After his inspiration has been sketched, and he finds the time, he works in the shop, or outside. (John Daniel is a full-time student at Wilcox Academy in Camden.)

Inspired by a local woodworker who was building wood strip canoe, John Daniel designed and built a wood strip paddle. Living in the Black Belt, with its abundance of rivers and creeks, was added motivation for him to build items out of wood by himself. He is also interested in wood burning and making walking sticks.

Not only does he appreciate hearing people say his work is good, but he has taken art show honors such as Best of Show at Wilcox Academy, 1st Place in District and the Alabama Private School State Art Show.

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Rocker Loveseat
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John Daniel Stoudenmire: Rocker Loveseat Length- approx. 63" Width- approx.37" Height- approx. 32" Everyone enjoys sitting on the porch sipping their favorite drink in a rocking chair, but imagine that same experience with the person you love. This hand-pieced, dark-finish, wooden loveseat can be used on a front porch, screen porch or inside the home. This product is not available for shipping, this product is available for in-store pick up only. ...