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According to Donna, she has always been amazed “that just a piece of dirt can turn into something beautiful” and that “there are so many beautiful trees and flowers” that “nature in the Black Belt has really influenced” her art.

While living in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, in the early 1990’s, Donna took a hand building class from a potter that told her she should continue making pottery. She is inspired by beautiful items that are handmade, although, after returning to Alabama, she took wheel throwing classes that inspired her to continue throwing. She said she “was too busy” for a period of fifteen years before “starting back” around 2011.

Materials that Donna uses include purchased clay, found objects such as buttons, fabric, lace, and her hands, and various items that can be used to make an “interesting mark”.

“I’ve moved my pottery studio into a spare bedroom in the house so I can work later in the evenings. I fire in an electric kiln in an outside building. I use stoneware clay firing to cone 6.”

Besides showing her work at Black Belt Treasures, Donna has her own store - Bits of Earth - near Newbern, and recently opened an Etsy shop. 

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Basketweave Pitcher Donna Dirks, Bits of Earth, basketweave pitcher, pottery,
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Donna Dirks: Basketweave Pitcher; approx. 10"x8"

Square Swirl Plate Donna Dirks, Bits of Earth, square swirl plate, pottery,
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Donna Dirks: Square Swirl Plate; approx. 10"

Cotton Platter donna dirks, cotton platter
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Donna Dirks: Cotton Platter