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Reproduction Hickory Golf Clubs

“Golf has a very old history here (in the Black Belt) dating back to 1895. I started…to duplicate a rare golf club so I could play with it… and Friends drove me to attempt it…I have learned most things by trial and error but did get some help from Otey Crisman” according to Tad Moore.

“I research old golf items in books and on the web…From an idea a mockup is created. In some cases it can be tested. It is refined and then a production piece is made.”

The materials that Tad uses to produce the golf clubs comes from vendors located in the South and from Europe. Leather, hickory wood, persimmon wood, steel, brass and pitched linen thread is used in the production of his one of a kind, handmade golf clubs. According to Tad, it normally takes from eight to twenty-four hours to complete a “rare” golf club.

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Repro-Mills 1920s Mallet Putte tad moore, repro mills 1920s mallet putte, golf club, wooden, metal
Repro-Mills 1920's Mallet Putte Price: $135.00
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Tad Moore: Repro-Mills 1920's Mallet Putte

Wood Mallet w/ White Face tad moore, wood mallet with white face, golf club
Wood Mallet w/ White Face Price: $185.00
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Item #: 8617 -

Tad Moore: Wood Mallet w/ White Face

Brassy w/ Hickory Shaft tad moore, brassy with hickory shaft, golf club
Brassy w/ Hickory Shaft Price: $260.00
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Tad Moore: Brassy w/ Hickory Shaft