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Anne Allen Jay, our Mom and artist, was born on a dairy farm in west central Alabama on November 13, 1936. She married William Chancey Jay and together on this farm, they raised three children and many grandchildren.

Over the years, Mom has created many wonderful watercolor and oil paintings with love, for family and friends. Other than the logo, all of the art was previously painted. She continues to paint. She humbly refuses to sell any originals or prints; however, she has allowed and helped us pursue Anne J’s Art. Thankfully, we have many more previously painted originals to add as the company grows.

Anne J’s Art was created to solve the problem of having only one original of all her paintings. We were unable to share all of her paintings with family and friends. Anne J’s Art should now be an avenue for all to share, at a reasonable price.

“With Mom’s permission, Laurie, my Wife and I took the originals from our walls. We/Mom unframed them, and Anne J’s Art began. This is a home based small business as the shipping department is between our kitchen, the fireplace and a small town post office,” according to Charles Jay.

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Assorted 8x10 Watercolor Prints anne jay, annejay, anne js art, assorted watercolor prints, flowers, floral
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Anne Jay: Assorted 8x10 Watercolor Prints; Comes with 4 different designs.