Wilcox County

Contemporary Folk Art

Faye so eloquently says, “I want the joy bells of Heaven to ring in your hearts when you see my art.” Since the third grade, Faye has realized that God blessed her with an artistic talent not given to just everyone. At age twelve, she briefly changed her career choice to school bus driver, but that didn’t last for long. For twenty years, she has worked with acrylics in what she calls “scrub art.” After her brushes finally reach the scrub stage, she is ready to paint, thick or thin. Most of her work can take as little as a week or as long as a month to complete, depending on the size of the project.

Faye has experimented with various kinds of artistic media. She has done a little of everything from print making to sculpture but says that drawing and painting are her “heartbeat.” Her training in the arts comes from many sources including the University of Montevallo, Mississippi University for Women, and several individual artists such as Lillie Wells for print making, and Bob Thompkins and Katherine Dunn Metz for painting.

The most rewarding aspect of art for Faye is “using a talent that God has blessed me with to make others smile. I want people to see the beauty in all things made by God, even if it is a purple cow.”

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Ewe & Lamb
Ewe & Lamb Price: $145.00
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This painting shows a ewe and her lamb in front of a fence.  The oil on board painting measures 8"x10" and is signed by the artist.

Ewe & 2 Lambs painting, art for the wall, ewe, lamb, black belt
Ewe & 2 Lambs Price: $145.00
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Item #: 12189 -

Faye Bennet's oil on board painting features a ewe and her two lambs.  This farm animal painting measures 8"x10" and is signed by the artist.

Moose Price: $360.00
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Item #: 12188 -

The subject of this painting is a moose in a red background. It is an oil painting that measures 18"x24" and is signed by the artist. On the back of the painting, the artist wrote:And God said: Let the earth bring forth every living creature of its kind... and it was so.

Black Bear
Black Bear Price: $360.00
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Item #: 12192 -

Faye Bennett's black bear oil painting shows a detailed bear in front of a bright red background. It measures 20"x20" and is signed by the artist.  The artist wrote on the back of the painting:And God said: Let every the earth bring forth every living creature... and it was so.