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Kudzu Vine Art

Jane Ellen Clark began working with handcrafts while she was studying to become a teacher. After graduation, she even taught one year of high school art classes before teaching in her degree field of mathematics and English. Jane Ellen is currently serving as the Education Director for the Monroe County Heritage Museum.

Jane Ellen wanted strong and useful baskets for her home and yard. She was interested in the art of white oak basket weaving, but did not think herself capable of the laborious process. After studying the Foxfire egg basket style, Jane Ellen envisioned the same basket using the ever-present kudzu vines that grew rampant in her area. She goes into a kudzu patch and chooses a moderately mature vine that is flexible and will not split. She found that a young vine flakes its skin and an older vine is too brittle. The vine she uses works like rope, yet dries board stiff, producing a basket with a sturdy handle and strong body. The chandeliers Mary Ellen creates are hollow spheres intertwined with tiny white lights. The natural grey white of the dried vines produces an ethereal glow as the lights reflect among the loops and twists.

Jane Ellen’s creations are also available at the Monroe County Museum Gift Shop in Monroeville.

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Kudzu Oval Basket- Small
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This kudzu basket made by artist Jane Ellen Clark is 13 inches wide, 14 inches long, and 14 inches tall including handle.