Wilcox County

Children’s Clothing

Cynthia Gamble learned basic hand sewing techniques from her grandmother. As a child, Cynthia created clothes for her Barbie dolls out of Kleenex before moving on to the use of cloth scraps to fashion more wardrobes. She created her own clothing in high school and majored in home economics in college.

Always a seamstress, Cynthia found a new outlet for her sewing talents when a niece had a premature baby. Cynthia was astounded to learn that clothing for preemies was extremely difficult to find, so she scaled down her patterns to create her own. She also participated in the organization Newborns in Need where she made preemie clothing that was donated to underprivileged babies. Cynthia prefers to use 100% cotton and poly/cotton blends for her simple designs. While she prefers bright colors, she does allow trends in fashion to influence her pattern and color choices.

Cynthia’s creations are also available at the Rural Heritage Center in Thomaston, and at www.ginabugs.com.