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Painted Ornaments

Sheila Hull remembers her love of painting beginning as a child when she mixed food coloring and house paint to cover any surface she was allowed. Influenced by a crafty aunt, Sheila took some art classes, but is mainly self-taught using art instruction manuals. She now teaches painting on canvas and continues to believe that the key to her talent is God’s blessing. Sheila’s first success with her ornament painting was at a silent auction. A friend suggested that she paint in order to get past the death of her mother.

Since then, Sheila has painted commemorative ornaments for special events such as weddings, family reunions, and church anniversaries. She paints from pictures of historical architecture and from her own imagination. Clear or frosted ornaments are coated with a base coat before Sheila sketches the design. Then using the tiniest of paint brushes and glass paint, she creates her artwork making sure that each layer is completely air dried before continuing on to the next.

Sheila’s art is also available at Queen & Company in Livingston,,, and at Christmas Village in Birmingham.

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Afternoon Glow Sheila Hull, Afternoon Glow, Black Belt Treasures,
Afternoon Glow Price: $750.00
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Sheila Hull: Afternoon Glow; 30"x24", acrylic on canvas

Tranquility Sheila Hull, Tranquility, Black Belt Treasures,
Tranquility Price: $422.00
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Item #: 14517 -

Sheila Hull: Tranquility; 20"x20"; acrylic on canvas; signed by the artist

Early Morning Sheila Hull, Early Morning, Black Belt Treasures,
Early Morning Price: $965.00
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Item #: 14514 -

Sheila Hull: Early Morning; approx. 30"x30", acrylic on canvas