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At the age of nine, Stephen’s parents gave him a paint-by-number set. He completed the painting as they expected he would. What came next was unexpected. Stephen turned the completed painting over and created his own composition on the back. Inspired by the masters, Stephen has been painting ever since. His experiences and memories of times gone by are the basis of many of his paintings.

This art begins with a canvas purchased from a local art supply store. The story is then told with oils on the canvas. Many of which become detailed reflections of everyday life in the Deep South, sometimes nostalgic and romantic.

Stephen took a few art classes in college at Patrick Henry Junior College (now Alabama Southern) in the early seventies but is mostly a self-taught artist. He says, “Art is not something I can explain. I am just compelled to do it.”

Along with painting, Stephen enjoys writing songs and poetry. His art work is also found online at

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Country Mall Print stephen james, painting, print, wall art
Country Mall Print Price: $35.00
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11" x 14" limited print of painting by artist Stephen James.

Uncle Pete & Mary Framed 16x20 stephen r. james, dog, uncle pete, uncle pete and mary, framed paintng, 16x20 painting, uncle pete and mary framed 16x20,
Uncle Pete & Mary Framed 16x20 Price: $575.00
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Stephen R. James: Uncle Pete & Mary Framed 16x20; signed by the artist 

Fishing Below the Dam  stephen james, oil, framed, canvas, fishing, dam, fishing below the dam,
Fishing Below the Dam Price: $715.00
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Stephen R. James: Fishing Below the Dam; (framed - oil on canvas); 25"x21"; signed by the artist