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My name is Linda Englert and I grew up on a farm in southern Indiana but south Alabama is where I have lived for the last 40 years and where I learned fused and stained glass.

I work primarily in warm or fused glass art using paints or glass chips known as frit. I do business as “The Glass Fritter” since fritter means to squander time and energy, which I do, with frit (glass divided in small pieces ranging in size from powdery sand to pebbles) to produce whimsical florals, landscapes, abstracts, ornaments, and sun catchers.

Stencils, glass plating, poured glass painting, and textured fusing are just a few techniques I have explored and self-taught, but with the smorgasbord of techniques available I do intend to sample a few more. The wide variety of methods keep fused glass interesting and challenging. The fused glass process is a combination of visual art and applied science. Glass appears semi-liquid at the molecular level even though its tangible presence feels quite solid. Kiln firing this amorphous solid requires careful heating and cooling to produce each piece of artwork. Some pieces require multiple firings to achieve the desired outcome.”

Presently living in Jackson, Alabama, Linda took lessons with stained glass artist John Hogarth. When asked how living in the Black Belt region has influenced her art, Linda said that it “has made me appreciate the colors and forms of nature which is everywhere. I attempt to imitate nature in my art in homage to the Creator and the creation.”

Ideas and inspiration for her glass pieces, as she stated, “come from everywhere: nature; sunrise; sunsets; flowers; museums; impressionists; internet, one never knows.” She has two workplaces in her basement – one for cutting glass pieces (frit} and the other for firing and finishing. This process could take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours as kiln firing takes a “minimum 8 hours and may require multiple firings and layering of glass to complete. I may start as early as sunrise if I get inspired” Linda stated.

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Floral Bookmark Suncatcher linda englert, floral suncatcher, glass art,
Floral Bookmark Suncatcher Price: $20.00
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Linda Englert: Floral Bookmark Suncatcher

Abstract Glass Ornament linda englert, glass abstract ornament, glass art,
Abstract Glass Ornament Price: $15.00
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Linda Englert: Glass Abstract Ornament

Sunflower linda englert, glass art, glass sunflower,
Sunflower Price: $80.00
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Linda Englert: Sunflower; 8"x8"

Mosaic Cross  linda englert, glass art, glass cross, glass mosaic cross, mosaic cross,
Mosaic Cross Price: $25.00
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Linda Englert: Mosaic Cross