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Rebecca said “If I’d been asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said an artist.” When she entered college she wanted to pursue a drawing degree but there wasn’t one offered so she worked towards a BFA in Art Education and began teaching art in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Teaching full time prevented her from her love of drawing and personal creativity, so, at the urging of her artist husband, she started drawing in graphite again. Later, she added acrylic, then acrylic and oils to her paintings. Today, as a full time artist, Rebecca paints in oils, shows and sells her work in a variety of venues, and does commissioned paintings and drawings of animals. Zoom art classes, part time, have been added to her resume!

Rebecca’s inspiration “comes from the beauty of our natural world, the way light falls on a subject, beautiful, rich color, and visual storytelling.” Painting in the early morning, with music playing in her temporary (guest room) studio, she starts her work on a canvas by blocking in her basic colors and values. She begins refining the piece and continues until it is finished. This might be several days after starting until she considers the painting finished.

Married to an artist, a mother who painted, and a woodworking father who was a teacher that built houses in the summers are creative people in her family. Growing up in a Mid-Western landscape filled with wildlife, and her love of nature, have blessed Rebecca in her creative and talented life.

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Blue Pumpkin rebecca brooks, pumpkin, blue, blue pumpkin, halloween, fall,
Blue Pumpkin Price: $195.00
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Rebecca Brooks: Blue Pumpkin; acrylic on gallery wrap canvas; 11"x14"; signed by the artist 

The Promise rebecca brooks, sunflower, summer, the promise, oil, canvas, unopened sunflower, flower, purple, green,
The Promise Price: $550.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 13338 -

Rebecca Brooks: The Promise; oil on canvas; framed; unopened sunflower; signed by the artist; 22"x22"

Bountiful Harvest  rebecca brooks, gourd, fresh gourd, pumpkin, 6x6
Bountiful Harvest Price: $75.00
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Item #: 13335 -

Rebecca Brooks: Bountiful Harvest; 6"x6"; oil on wood; signed by the artist

A Dogs Life becky brooks, rebecca brooks, dog, a dogs life, white dog,
A Dog's Life Price: $395.00
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Item #: 12848 -

The focal point of this painting is a white dog in front of a oak-colored background.  The strategically placed strokes are all around the dog to give a realistic feel to the painting.Rebecca Brooks: A Dog's Life; oil on gallery wrapped canvas; 18x24; signed by the artist

Blue Jay #2 rebecca brooks, blue jay, oil, wood, 6x6,
Blue Jay #2 Price: $75.00
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Item #: 13330 -

Rebecca Brooks: Blue Jay #2 - oil on wood; signed by the artist; 6"x6"

Alabama Sky rebecca brooks, alabama, sky, sunset, alabama sky, oil, wood, 6x6,
Alabama Sky Price: $75.00
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Item #: 13327 -

Rebecca Brooks: Alabama Sky; oil on wood; 6"x6"; signed by the artist 

Blue Jay #1
Blue Jay #1 Price: $75.00
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Item #: 13329 -

Rebecca Brooks: Blue Jay #1; 6"x6"; oil on wood; signed by the artist