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7" Bowl Randy Shoults, 7" Bowl, pottery, black belt treasures,
7" Bowl Price: $35.00
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Randy Shoults Item #: 4309 -

Randy Shoults: 7" Bowl

7-9" Handpainted/Sgraffito Vase kristin law, cobalt vase, pottery, black belt, rural alabama pottery, clay bowl
7-9" Handpainted/Sgraffito Vase Price: $85.00
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Kristin Law Item #: 10886 -

This vase is handpainted by Kristin Law of Possum Pottery. It is decorated with blue adornments, a signature of the artist. You can present any type of flower in this one-of-a-kind vase. This piece would look great anywhere from your foyer to china cabinet.KLaw: 7-9" Handpainted/Sgraffito Vase, signed by the artist

8" Leaf Candleholder  Jo Taylor, 8" Leaf Candleholder, pottery, black belt treasures,
8" Leaf Candleholder Price: $25.95
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Jo Taylor Item #: 11151 -

Jo Taylor: 8" Leaf Candleholder

8" Round Cotton Plate becky blaylock, ceramic bowls, bowls, black belt,
8" Round Cotton Plate Price: $28.95
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Becky Blaylock Item #: 10915 -

Becky Blaylock: EP 8" Round Cotton Plate

8" Vase sam williams, pottery, hand made, kiln, vase,
8" Vase Price: $70.00
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Sam Williams Item #: 8123 -

Sam Williams: 8" Vase

9-Patch Quilt w/2 pillowcases(Blue Foral) Virginia preyer, quilt, Gees bend quilts, Gees bend quilters, black belt quilts, black belt, quilt with pillowcases
9-Patch Quilt w/2 pillowcases(Blue Foral) Price: $285.00
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Virginia Preyer Item #: 4934 -

Virginia Preyer's 9-Patch Quilt includes two pillowcases and is decorated in a beautiful blue floral. The quilt is machine-pieced and hand quilted in Coy, Alabama.

A Bubba on Polecat Bay
A Bubba on Polecat Bay Price: $19.95
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Item #: 8903 -

Duck hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, or fishing, if any of these endeavors are going on there probably a Bubba involved. South Alabama has always been a haven for Bubba types. They all have one thing in common: given the opportunity they will do some dumb stuff while pursuing their sport. Included in these pages are stories about a few of these Bubbas, both the Causeway variety like the ones on Polecat Bay, and their hillbilly counterparts from upstate a ways. The stories are all true...

A Dogs Life becky brooks, rebecca brooks, dog, a dogs life, white dog,
A Dog's Life Price: $395.00
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Rebecca Brooks Item #: 12848 -

The focal point of this painting is a white dog in front of a oak-colored background.  The strategically placed strokes are all around the dog to give a realistic feel to the painting.Rebecca Brooks: A Dog's Life; oil on gallery wrapped canvas; 18x24; signed by the artist

A-Train Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman
A-Train Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman Price: $24.95
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Item #: 2172 -

-Train is the story of one of the black Americans who, during World War II, graduated from Tuskegee (AL) Flying School and served as a pilot in the Army Air Corps’ 99th Pursuit Squadron. Charles W. Dryden presents a fast-paced, balanced, and personal account of what it was like to prepare for a career traditionally closed to African Americans, how he coped with the frustrations and dangers of combat, and how he, along with many fellow black pilots, navigators, bombardiers, and crewmen, emerged...

Abstract Glass Ornament linda englert, glass abstract ornament, glass art,
Abstract Glass Ornament Price: $15.00
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Linda Englert Item #: 13539 -

Linda Englert: Glass Abstract Ornament

Abundance of Luck- Pony Brass Necklace Rhys Greene, pony brass, horse brass, jewelry, handmade,
Abundance of Luck- Pony Brass Necklace Price: $125.00
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Rhys Marie Greene Item #: 13471 -

Make a statement with the Abundance of Luck- Pony Brass Necklace. The triple horseshoes pony brass on a leather cord with yellow opal, honey calcite, onyx, yellow tiger eye, brass beads handmade in Ethiopia. Pony brass is a decorative brass plaque that decorates the harness and gear of a pony. 

Alabama Angels
Alabama Angels Price: $142.00
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Jessie LaVon Item #: 9105 -

"Alabama Angels" are protecting their house one night.  They are sheltering people inside a small house beside a cotton field.  This painting shows true guardian angels at night. Jessie LaVon: Alabama Angels, 11x14, acrylic on canvas; signed by the artistThis painting you will receive may have a variance in the details, in order to make it one of a kind, than the shown photos.