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Welding is a trade that Trey learned from his father, and much of his inspiration comes from his wife and mother. All of his art is made of old parts found on the family’s farm. He says that after he finds the parts he needs to create a piece; it can be made in fifteen minutes to an hour.

Trey makes dragonflies, cats, birds, and dogs, necklace holders, stocking holders, coffee tables, horse shoe gun racks, and most recently vintage farm tractors.

Trey’s reflection onOLD IRON: Pondering on my next project, I came upon all these old seed plates in my metal collection. The ideas began exploding in my head, and I thought what a perfect wheel for a tractor. A couple hours later I had it together and thought “My, that’s pretty neat”. These seed plates are old and I have a limited supply of them, therefore this piece will be a limited edition. (Seed plates are in the planter hoppers and are what disperses the seen at an even rate.) He goes on to say “I dedicate this edition to both of my grandfathers and my Dad. All of these men were farmers and that is where my love and passion for agriculture stems from”.

Trey states that the most rewarding part of his work is seeing people enjoy something that he has made – something crafted from machine parts and things he sees every day.

Trey’s work can also be seen at Four Seasons in Selma.

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Limited Edition Tractor forged metal, metal work, trey culpepper, black belt,
Limited Edition Tractor Price: $300.00
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Any young boy would be excited to get this limited edition tractor. This metal tractor has all of your regular components: big wheels, seat, and steering wheel.  It is signed by the artist, Trey Culpepper.Trey Culpepper: Limited Edition; signed by the artist