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Ted M. Dunagan grew up in rural south western Alabama. His young adult novels A Yellow Watermelon, Street of The Satilfa, and Trouble on the Tombigbee earned him the 2009, 2011, and 2012 Georgia Author of the Year Awards. A Yellow Watermelon was also named to the inaugural “25 Books All Young Georgians Should Read” list compiled by the Georgia Center for the Book; Trouble on the Tombigbee also won the Frank Yerby Award for fiction. Dunagan lives in Monticello, Georgia, where he writes news, features, and a weekly column for the Monticello News. He is working on a fifth book in the Ted and Poudlum series.

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A Yellow Watermelon A, Yellow, Watermelon, Ted, M., Dunagan
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In rural south Alabama in 1948, whites pick on one side of the cotton field and blacks on the other. Where the fields come together, twelve-year-old Ted Dillon meets Poudlum, a black boy his own age, who teaches him how to endure the hard work while they bond and go on to integrate the field. Through Poudlum and Jake, an escaped black convict, Ted learns of evil forces gathering to deprive Poudlum’s family of their property and livelihood. The white and black boy encounter danger and suspense...

Trouble on the Tombigbee Trouble, on, the, Tombigbee
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In Ted Dunagan’s third young adult novel, boyhood friends Ted and Poudlum, a white and a black boy who live in the rural segregated South of the 1940s, are in for more adventure. On A fishing trip, they camp out in the vicinity of a Ku Klux Klan meeting and they learn the identity of key Klansmen. They used their wits to escape down the river but only to swim into the arms of more trouble, including Ted and Poudlum would even be kidnapped. Their escapades test their resourcefulness and...

Secret of the Satilfa Secret, of, the, Satilfa, Ted, M., Dunagan
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Ted Dunagan continues the saga of two adventuresome boys, Ted and Poudlum, in Secret of the Satilfa, the sequel to Dunagan’s debut novel A Yellow Watermelon. In the fall of 1948, young Ted and Poudlum have their post-Thanksgiving fishing trip to the Cypress Hole on the Satilfa Creek interrupted by unwelcome visitors and fugitive bank robbers. They managed to escape and return to the Satilfa to search for money rumored to have been hidden by the criminals along with seemingly half the locals of...

The Salvation of Miss Lucretia books, ted dunagan, youth reading,
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In Ted Dunagan's The Salvation of Miss Lucretia, young friends Ted and Poudlum continue their friendship despite the racial divide in the rural segregated South of the 1940s. On a trip to the forest where they plan to train their dogs, they stumble upon Miss Lucretia, the last of the voodoo queens.The boys fear, but later befriend Miss Lucretia, who teaches them secrets such as how to walk on fire. She also reveals that she was the granddaughter of the last slave born in Africa and brought to...