Clarke County


Only when she began china painting did Sherry Barnes realize that she was a perfectionist, finishing no project until she is completely satisfied with it. Admittedly, less than ten years ago in 2000, Sherry had never even heard of china painting, nor had she seen china, which had been hand-painted. A friend told her about an opening in a china painting class, and the rest is history. She has been training under Mrs. Dot Bostrom from Jackson, Alabama, since that time. Sherry is currently a member of WOCP, World Organization of China Painters, and was featured in Nancy Fisher’s Seminar in August of 2008.

The process of painting china takes many phases. Sherry’s artwork begins with a blank piece of china, which has been purchased from one of several companies. The paint in powder form must be mixed with oil before use. Once an item is painstakingly painted, it must be fired at approximately 1350 degrees a minimum of three times before the piece is completed.

A sense of fulfillment and pride along with the knowledge that she is creating heirlooms for future generations gives Sherry satisfaction in her artwork. Sometimes these cherished pieces can be found at gift shops in the Grove Hill area, but they are often “scooped up” by friends and relatives first.