Wilcox County

Tori Dale is a talented young artist from Wilcox County who has always had a passion for creativity. Her artistic journey began with a love for stuffed animals, which she enjoyed as a child. After seeing the joy it brought to others, she decided to create her own using yarn and thread. Tori's unique and colorful collections range from adorable bumblebees to vibrant dinosaurs, each one carefully crafted to perfection.

Beyond her love for creating stuffed animals, Tori has also been part of the Black Belt Treasures team for several years. The experience has allowed her to learn from other artists in the Black Belt region and find inspiration for her own work. Tori's dedication to her craft is evident in her work, and she always seeks to improve her skills and expand her artistic repertoire.

Tori is not only a talented artist but also a kind-hearted individual who enjoys giving back to her community. She volunteers her time and art to serve children at the gallery, and her work has brought smiles to many faces. Tori finds relaxation in crocheting her treasures while watching TV. She uses a variety of materials, including yarn, thread, yarn needles, stitch markers, and poly fill to bring her creations to life.

Tori's skill and passion for art, as well as her generosity and kindness, make her a unique and admirable artist. Her creations are not just beautiful, but also serve as a symbol of the joy and love she brings to the world.

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Critter Companions tori dale, stuffed animal, critter companions,
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Tori Dale: Critter Companions

Dino w/Detail dino, crochet, purple dino,
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Tori Dale: Dino w/Detail

Octopus crochet, octopus, tori dale, black belt treasures,
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Tori Dale: Crochet Octopus

Dina Dino crochet, dino, tori dale, black belt treasures,
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Tori Dale: Crochet Dina the Dino