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Where the Wild Things Are sam williams, pottery, hand made, kiln, face jug,
Where the Wild Things Are Price: $75.00
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Sam Williams Item #: 10474 -

Sam Williams: Where the Wild Things Are Jug; approx. 9"x7"

Wine Cooler Steve Miller, pottery, black belt treasures, vase, handmade,
Wine Cooler Price: $42.95
Availability: In Stock
Steve Miller Item #: 11296 -

Steve Miller: Wine Cooler; approx. 10"x5"

Wine Cup Wine Cup, Becky Blaylock, Earthquake Pottery, pottery, ceramics,
Wine Cup Price: $25.75
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Becky Blaylock Item #: 10918 -

Becky Blaylock: Wine Cup with thumb grooves, comes in two colors and each order comes with 1 cup. Call us if you'd like a specific color or more than 1 cup

Wine Goblet/Chalice sam williams, pottery, hand made, kiln, goblet, cup,
Wine Goblet/Chalice Price: $13.00
Availability: In Stock
Sam Williams Item #: 8797 -

This miniature wine goblet is a gorgeous white color with a baby blue detail on the top.  The artist wants to warn everyone that it is not for the wine lover, because they will only get a couple of sips.Sam Williams: Wine Goblet/Chalice; approx. 5" 

Yellow and Blue Jar rosie floyd, jar, stained clay, small bowl, assorted small bowl, pottery,
Yellow and Blue Jar Price: $43.75
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Rosie Floyd Item #: 1513 -

Rosie Floyd: Yellow and Blue Jar Made with Stained Clay; approx. 7"x4"

Mica Bread Bowl Mary Brown, bread bowl, bowl, Black Belt, mica bread bowl
Mica Bread Bowl Price: $57.00
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Mary Brown Item #: 4491 -

Mary Brown- Mica Bread Bowl 7.5"x2.5"Mary Brown used the ancient Apache coiling and scraping method to make this handmade Clay Cooking Vessel, which is stove top, oven, and microwave safe.