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Karmic Debt
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Lizzy Wallace Boudreaux has a debt to pay for killing Ross Hamilton-even though the crime was deemed self-defense. She accepts she can't take part in a murder without invoking some bad karma, which is why she isn't surprised when fate turns in the form of her accountant, Zachary Bradshaw, who steals her money and goes on the run.For help, Lizzy seeks friend and former Fbi agent, Victoria Fontana. Despite Victoria's best efforts, Zachary evades them, so Lizzy takes a job to supplement her...

Komorebi Light Shining Through
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In the ups and downs of life, for me the writing of a poem allows breakthrough, deeper understanding, and celebration or acceptance of a situation. I love sensing a poem taking shape in my head. This causes me to stop, listen, and write down what is there. I live more fully when I can express a situation, a scene, an emotion by writing a poem. Japan is the only place abroad I have visited, and it has provided several poems as well as the title of this book. Komorebi is my favorite Japanese...

Leaving Gees Bend
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"Leaving Gee's Bend is a beautifully written and Ms. Latham's use of the Southern vernacular of the era is flawless. The story is compelling and the strong-willed heroine, Ludelphina, stole my heart. Though dirt poor, the residents of this smaller than small Alabama town are drenched in dignity and faith. I couldn't put it down." - Brenda Woods, author of the Coretta Scott King Honor- winning The Red Rose BoxIrene Latham stitched her first sewing card when she was four years old. She lives in...

Letters from Alabama book, letters from alabama, alabama history, history
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This new and definitive edition of Letters from Alabama offers a valuable window into pioneer Alabama and the landscape and life-forms encountered by early settlers of the state.Phillip Henry Gosse (1810-1888), a British nationalist, left home at age seventeen and travelled to Canada before making his way to Alabama in 1838. He was employed by Judge Reuben Saffold and other planters near Pleasant Hill in Dallas County as a teacher for about a dozen children of local landowners, but his...

Life Revisited (and recipes)
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Nadine J. Johnson is a longtime published author of herbal garden columns. Her stories are in the former News Herald, under the title "The Farmer's Wife," in Chickasaw, Alabama. Her later columns appear in Baldwin County newspapers: Eastern Shore Courier as well as in The Troy Progress and the Troy Messenger. She writes a column, currently, for the Alabama Farmers Coop News under the title, "The Herb Lady." Also, Nadine is a former contributor to the Montgomery Advertiser. Her herb and plant...

Lost Capitals of Alabama
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Alabama's capital has roots all over the state. It first emerged in St. Stephens in 1799, a small fort acquired from the Spanish atop a tall limestone bluff overlooking the Tombigbee River. Next came Huntsville in the Tennessee Valley, where the state constitution emerged. Cahawba was the capital to receive a visit from the Marquis de Lafayette, the last surviving general of the American Revolution. In 1826, Tuscaloosa took the reins for twenty years before the final move to Montgomery....

One Season
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Alan White: One Season - HardbackJust one can change things. Even in the backwoods of south Alabama. It seemed the whole world was changing in 1969, but Joe Parker, widowed and 67, had little hope that his lonely life would ever be different. At least turkey season was about to start, and his grandson Connor was coming to visit soon. Connor was embittered by a tragedy he didn't understand. In the city, being 15 was harrowing enough. Spring Break promised a reprieve from the...

Pasture Art Pasture, Art, book, novella, Alabama, Black Belt
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Pasture Art, a collection of novellas, set in the Alabama Black Belt, a swath of dark soil that runs through the central part of the state, explores the history, culture, and spirit of the people who live there.  Author, Marlin Barton knows his Alabama Black Belt, as well or better than any writer could, writing stories that will haunt you after you put his book down. 

Pearl And Her Gees Bend Quilt Children, Gees Bend, Quilts, Adventure
Pearl And Her Gee's Bend Quilt Price: $21.50
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When Pearl schedules a playdate with her friends Sallie and Ella, they have no idea they're about to travel back in time to Gee's Bend, Alabama to discover the origin of the beautiful quilts in Grandma's house. It doesn't take long for the girls to learn Grandma's quilts are more than pretty pieces of fabric stitched together to keep them warm; the history behind the family treasures is rich and bursting with love. Pearl and her Gee's Bend Quilt is a journey through art and adventure, stitched...

Plein-Air Writing mike handley, plein air, writing, book,
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Mike Handley: Plein-Air WritingIf you've ever stumbled upon a man in a tree, or sitting on a log or boulder, hunched over and scribbling madly into a notebook balanced on his thigh, you might've witnessed the writing of this journal. This compilation of stories, anecdotes, photographs and paintings represents the evolution of cursive into font and sketches into art. "Plein-Air Writing" chronicles Mike Handley's travels through Oklahoma's Wichita mountains, Louisiana's Cajun country, roads less...

Quilts of Gees Bend Notes gees bend, gees bend notes, notecards,
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Quilts of Gees Bend NotesFROM THE MUSEUM TO YOUR MAILBOX: From the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, quilts by the Gee’s Bend artists hang in major collections throughout the United States. Now, you can bring these inspiring pieces into your home, and share them with the people you love.INCREDIBLE ARTISTRY: The vibrant colors, playful geometric shapes, and organic improvised patterns that define the Gee’s Bend quilting aesthetic have garnered...

Retribution Price: $17.95
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Lizzy Wallace Boudreaux cherishes her friendship with Kay, not just because she is a terrific gal, but also because she helped orchestrate the first meeting four years ago between Lizzy and the love of her life. But as much as Lizzy likes how good Kay’s husband, Marcus, is to her, she still cannot ignore the nagging feeling in the back of her mind that Marcus has a dark side. Lizzy has no idea she is about to discover that her intuition is spot-on.While running errands, Lizzy walks in the...