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Vase mary jane moore, vase, pottery, black belt treasures,
Vase Price: $14.95
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Mary Jane Moore Item #: 12620 -

Mary Jane Moore: Vase; 5.5"x2"

Vine Handle Basket becky blaylock, ceramic bowls, bowls, black belt, vine handle basket,
Vine Handle Basket Price: $65.00
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Becky Blaylock Item #: 12349 -

This unique handmade basket by Betty Blaylock has a intricate vine handle holding a ceramic base.  The handle cannot be used because of the weight of the base.Becky Blaylock: Vine Handle Basket

Vintage Ladies  carole bandy carson, vintage ladies on top, notecards
Vintage Ladies Price: $20.00
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Carole Bandy Carson Item #: 13753b -

Carole Bandy Carson- Vintage Ladies On Top

Vinyl Wallet  jeanann szymanski, vinyl wallet,
Vinyl Wallet Price: $57.25
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Jeanann Szymanski Item #: 14104 -

Jeanann Szymanski: Vinyl Wallet 

Visions of the Black Belt: A Cultural Survey of the Heart of Alabama
Visions of the Black Belt: A Cultural Survey of the Heart of Alabama Price: $39.95
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Robin McDonald & Valerie Pope Burns Item #: 8377 -

In Visions of the Black Belt, Robin McDonald and Valerie Pope Burnes offer a richly illustrated tour of the Black Belt, the fertile arc that represents the cultural efflorescence of Alabama’s heartland. Like knowledgeable friends, McDonald and Burnes guide readers through the Black Belt’s towns and architecture and introduce the region’s great panoply of citizens, farmers, craftspeople, cooks, writers, and musicians.A constellation of Black Belt towns arose during Alabama’s territorial...

Walnut Box - Cherry bill scott, walnut box, cherry, walnut box-cherry,
Walnut Box - Cherry Price: $58.00
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Bill Scott Item #: 2070 -

Bill Scott - Walnut Box; approx. 4"x4.5"

Walnut Candle Holder-Tall  rodger carroll, walnut, candle holder, walnut candle holder tall, woodwork
Walnut Candle Holder-Tall Price: $35.00
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Rodger Carroll Item #: 1948 -

This wooden candle holder is made of walnut.  It can hold an approximately one inch tall candle.  It has a knot in it from the wooden to keep the authenticity of the piece.Rodger Carroll: Walnut Candle Holder-Tall; approx. 9"x3"; signed by the artist

Warring with the Eagles - 11.5x10 cynthia pettway, warring with the eagles, quilt in glass, framed, orange and blue, auburn, war eagle
Warring with the Eagles - 11.5x10 Price: $186.00
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Cynthia Pettway Item #: 14678 -

Cynthia Pettway: Warring with the Eagles - 11.5x10

Waterboy Jimmy Allen, oil painting, black belt treasures,
Waterboy Price: $215.00
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Jimmy Allen Item #: 2514 -

Jimmy Allen: "Waterboy"; oil painting

Watering Hole andrea windham guy, cow, watering hole, acrylic, painting on cabinet door, purple,
Watering Hole Price: $157.50
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Andrea Windham Guy Item #: 13012 -

Andrea Windham Guy: Watering Hole - Cow; Acrylic on Cabinet Door; 13.5"x10"; signed by the artist

Wedding Memories debra boulay, black belt treasures, wedding memories,
Wedding Memories Price: $214.00
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Debra Boulay Item #: 14493 -

Debra Boulay: Wedding Memories

When Deep Wounds Surface
When Deep Wounds Surface Price: $150.00
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Rita Williams Item #: 11743 -

When Deep Wounds Surface is a mixed media painting. It tells the story of struggles that our troops go through when they return home for war.  It also has a message on the back that states:"Tribute to our troops who despite keeping us safe [dont] get the mental health assistance they so desperately need & deserve. Thank you for your service, for w/o you none of us, [regarless] of political affiliation, [ethic] background or religious preference would benefit from the freedoms of...