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Wooden Plant Stand Mary Glen Grant, Wood Work, Plant Stand
Wooden Plant Stand Price: $42.95
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Mary Glen Grant Item #: 11089 -

Edgar & Mary Glen Grant: Wooden Plant StandLength: approx. 13" Width:  approx. 18" Height: approx. 26" This cute stand may look like ladders, but in actuality they would be perfect for displaying small to medium sized porch plants. Anywhere from succulents to petunias to begonias, these flowers will look great on this lovely stand. The colors for this stand are available in White, Turquoise, Light Blue and Brown. Please call us at 682-9878 to specify...

Wooden Reindeer bud rogers, reindeer, wooden reindeer, woodwork, wood work
Wooden Reindeer Price: $14.50
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Bud Rogers Item #: 8370 -

Bud Rogers: Wooden Reindeer, approx. 8"

Wooden Train Fletcher Cox, wooden train, wood work, woodwork
Wooden Train Price: $85.95
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Fletcher Cox Item #: 7611 -

Woo, woo! You can basically hear it!  The wooden train by Fletcher Cox rolls around on carpet and floors.  It has wheels and compartments to make the train complete.Fletcher Cox: Wooden Train (3 piece)

Wooden Tray with Grapevine Handles rickey elliott, grapevine handles, wooden tray, wooden tray with grapevine handles,
Wooden Tray with Grapevine Handles Price: $35.00
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Rickey Elliott Item #: 12490 -

Rickey Elliot: Wooden Tray with Grapevine Handles; signed by the artist; ponderosa pine; aprrox. 11"x9"x6"

Wooden Trinket Bowl with Lid robert knight, black belt, small bowl, wooden bowl, trinket bowl, bowl with lid, small wooden bowl
Wooden Trinket Bowl with Lid Price: $35.00
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Robert Knight Item #: 12051 -

Robert Knight's small trinket bowl can hold all of your special items that you don't want to lose. It is approx-2" in diameter and 2.5" in height and turned on a lathe.

Wooden Trinket Bowls robert knight, black belt, small bowl, wooden bowl, trinket bowl
Wooden Trinket Bowls Price: $25.00
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Robert Knight Item #: 12052 -

Each small wooden bowl is turned on a lathe, measures 2.5" in diameter, and is signed by the artist.  Robert Knight's wooden trinket bowl is perfect for all of your tiny items, from rings to screws, it will hold anything you don't want to lose.  Each sale comes with one trinket bowl, please let us know if you would like to purchase a certain bowl or more than one.

Wooden Yarn Bowl yarn bowl, robert knight, wood work
Wooden Yarn Bowl Price: $71.50
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Robert Knight Item #: 12153 -

Do you knit? Do you like keeping your yarn neat? This yarn bowl is for you.  Robert Knight's wooden yarn bowl measures seven inches in diameter, great for all of your many balls of yarn. Robert Knight: Wooden Yarn Bowl 7" diameter

Woven Cross-Medium betty bain, woven cross-medium, basket,
Woven Cross-Medium Price: $12.95
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Betty Bain Item #: 8791 -

Betty Bain: Woven Cross-Medium; approx. 11"x2"

Woven Waste Basket betty bain, woven waste basket, basket,
Woven Waste Basket Price: $89.95
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Betty Bain Item #: 10381 -

Betty Bain: Woven Waste Basket;11"x9"x8"

Yellow and Blue Jar rosie floyd, jar, stained clay, small bowl, assorted small bowl, pottery,
Yellow and Blue Jar Price: $43.75
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Rosie Floyd Item #: 1513 -

Rosie Floyd: Yellow and Blue Jar Made with Stained Clay; approx. 7"x4"

Yoda Baby Outfit baby outfit, baby, crochet, baby costume
Yoda Baby Outfit Price: $28.00
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Miranda Murphy Item #: 10222 -

Hand crocheted baby outfit perfect for any baby who is one with the force. This outfit consists of a hat, diaper cover, and booties and was hand crafted by artist Miranda Murphy. When laying flat, the hat is 6" long, the diaper cover is 6 1/2 inches long and 6 3/4 inches tall, and the booties are 3 inches long.

Zipper Clutch jeanann szymanski, zipper clutches, coin purse, black belt, black belt art
Zipper Clutch Price: $28.95
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Jeanann Szymanski Item #: 12140 -

Jeanann Szymanski: Zipper Purse/Clutch