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Roasting Marshmellows
Roasting Marshmellows Price: $142.00
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Jessie LaVon Item #: 12469 -

In this acrylic painting, you can see a family of six sitting around fires and roasting marshmallows.  In the background, the light of the moon shines brightly behind a white and blue house.  You can almost smell the fire and burning marshmallows. Jessie Lavon: Roasting Marshmallows; acrylic painting on canvas,11"x14"

Rocker Loveseat
Rocker Loveseat Price: $695.00
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John Daniel Stoudenmire Item #: 10276 -

John Daniel Stoudenmire: Rocker Loveseat Length- approx. 63" Width- approx.37" Height- approx. 32" Everyone enjoys sitting on the porch sipping their favorite drink in a rocking chair, but imagine that same experience with the person you love. This hand-pieced, dark-finish, wooden loveseat can be used on a front porch, screen porch or inside the home. This product is not available for shipping, this product is available for in-store pick up only. ...

Rory Necklace sarah collins, necklace, jewelry,
Rory Necklace Price: $48.95
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Sarah Collins Item #: 12698 -

Sarah Collins: Rory Necklace

S-Pendants samantha cook, black belt, children pottery, teenage pottery, pendants, clay pendants, blue pendants
S-Pendants Price: $15.00
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Samantha Cook Item #: 11463 -

Samantha Cook's complexly designed pendants look beautiful on anything.  The lovely blue and white design on each of the pendants take each of the pieces to the next level. Each order comes with 1 pendant, please contact us if you would like a specific pendant or more than 1 pendant.

Sailing Quilted Table Topper Mary Leatha Pettway, gees bend, black belt treasures, quilter,
Sailing Quilted Table Topper Price: $325.00
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Mary Leatha Pettway Item #: 12487 -

Mary Leathea Pettway: Sailing (2017 Quilted Table Topper), approx. 24"x20"; machine pieced, hand quilted

Salt Cellar with Spoon Mary Jane Moore, Pottery, Salt Cellar with Spoon,
Salt Cellar with Spoon Price: $17.95
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Mary Jane Moore Item #: 12112 -

Mary Jane Moore: Salt Cellar with Spoon

Sawmill sawmill, dan, melvin, painting
Sawmill Price: $290.00
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Dan Melvin Item #: 5509 -

This painting of a sawmill is surrounded by a pale pink sunset.  To the right of the sawmill is a railroad track, and on the left you can see a suspension bridge in the background. Dan Melvin; 12"x4" unframed; 15.5"x8" framed.

Scalloped Edge Vase Allen Ham, pottery, black belt treasures, vase, handmade, folk art,
Scalloped Edge Vase Price: $65.00
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Allen Ham Item #: 3074 -

Allen Ham: Scalloped Edge Vase; 9"x7"

Sea Salt and Activated Charcoal Soap soap, goat milk soap, face soap, charcoal soap,
Sea Salt and Activated Charcoal Soap Price: $5.45
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Laura Spencer Item #: 10072 -

This Simply Making It Goat Milk and Sea Salt Soap with activated charcoal smells great and is a perfect addition to any bathroom. It is naturally made and handcrafted on Spencer Farms in Marion Junction, Alabama.Contains: Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Mica, and Pure Essential Oils.

Serenity in Blue - Earrings rhys greene, jewelry, earrings,
Serenity in Blue - Earrings Price: $25.00
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Rhys Marie Greene Item #: 13346 -

Rhys Greene: Serenity in Blue - Earrings

Serenity in Blue - Necklace rhys greene, jewelry, necklace,
Serenity in Blue - Necklace Price: $70.00
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Rhys Marie Greene Item #: 13345 -

Rhys Greene: Serenity in Blue - Necklace

Sgraffito Bowl kristen law, sgraffito bowl, pottery, black belt, rural alabama pottery, clay bowl
Sgraffito Bowl Price: $70.00
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Kristin Law Item #: 6347 -

Kristen Law's ivory Sgraffio bowl measures 5"x9". The inside of the bowl is intricately decorated with a dark blue and white floral design.