Wilcox County

Metal and Wood Work

Carl Jackson has lived in the Black Belt all of his life. He said “this place is in my blood and is evident in the workmanship of my art, I hope.” He explained his creativity as therapeutic and stated “I enjoy being outdoors, so my home shop is very open. Even most of my woodworking is done in an open air environment. When I’m in my home shop, time doesn’t matter – I focus on the quality of my work rather than quantity.”

Carl’s ideas are gleaned by “observing practical needs and creating” handmade solutions. Three to five days is the average time to complete a project -depending on the scope of a project piece. Admittedly, Pinterest projects and his wife Rixine’s requests prompted his start in metal/woodworking.

Besides working with wood and metal, Carl is interested in photographing local historic buildings. He does not seek accolades for the work he does as his reward is seeing a finished project. He is passing the art of metal and wood to his son CJ and his son-in-law.