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Brown Pottery Chalice
Brown Pottery Chalice Price: $21.95
Availability: In Stock
Sheri Sessions Item #: 3319 -

This wonderfully crafted chalice was made by Sheri Sessions. It combines various Earth tones and a special glazing technique which makes this a truly unique piece of art. Use this piece to drink from or to display as a beautiful centerpiece or decoration!

Face Vase
Face Vase Price: $68.75
Availability: In Stock
Rosie Floyd Item #: 884 -

This vase has two faces revolving around its exterior, so you see a unique view no matter angle you display the piece from. The beautiful red finish is perfect for anyone wanting to add color to their home. Purchase this item today to decorate your home or office!

Teapot w/ Coral and Driftwood teapot, coral, driftwood, Lisa, Lenox
Teapot w/ Coral and Driftwood Price: $49.95
Availability: In Stock
Lisa Lenox Item #: 4695 -

Lisa Lenox hand built this "little teapot short and stout" that is 4 1/2" tall by 10" from handle to spout. This will be a conversation starter as this clay pot is embellished with coral and driftwood on the tea pot lid. This piece is a must-have for any collector or beach lover.

"Evil Spirits Beware" Ceramic Face Jug face jug, pottery, ceramics, devil, sam williams, folk art, monroe, monreville
"Evil Spirits Beware" Ceramic Face Jug Price: $150.00
Availability: In Stock
Sam Williams Item #: 8084 -

This ceramic face jug was crafted by Monroe County, Alabama artist Sam Williams, IV. Williams, who learned to throw pottery initially from his father, adds his own touch of whimsy and humor to the classic "devil jug". "Evil Spirits Beware" is glazed in a translucent dark brown glaze, has deep green eyes, classic horns and pointed teeth, a forked tail, and is finished with a wire earring. The measurements for this ceramic sculpture is approximately 11" tall by 9" diameter.

Devil Face Jug
Devil Face Jug Price: $450.00
Availability: In Stock
Sam Williams Item #: 9894 -

Though they can be dated back to ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian times, face jugs are also a large part of folk art history. One reason behind the creation was to ward off evil spirits, some even state that face jugs are supposed to be ugly enough to scare the devil away from your grave so that you can go to heaven. This face jug by artist Sam Williams is 13 inches tall and depicts his interpretation of a devil face.

Earthquake Pottery Toad House Toad House, Earthquake Pottery, Becky Blaylock
Earthquake Pottery Toad House Price: $35.95
Availability: In Stock
Becky Blaylock Item #: 7292 -

Is your yard full of little toads needing a home. Then this handmade pottery toad house is perfect for you.It will also make a whimsical addition to the decoration in any room in your home.

Face Jug folk art, face jug, pottery, ceramics, jug
Face Jug Price: $150.00
Availability: In Stock
Allen Ham Item #: 1322 -

This highly unique face jug not only can serve as a place to hold things but it also can serve as a decorative piece for your home. The colors on this jug are well used to make this jug even more exquisite. Allen Ham is a wonderful artist and that is clearly stated in his artistry of his face jug piece.

Handbuilt Platter pottery, ceramics, platter
Handbuilt Platter Price: $35.95
Availability: In Stock
Donna Dirks Item #: 9721 -

This handcrafted platter by artist Donna Dirks features a detailed edge and is 11.5 in by 9 in.

Multicolor Jar pottery, ceramics, vase, sam williams
Multicolor Jar Price: $47.00
Availability: In Stock
Sam Williams Item #: 7995 -

This round hand thrown vase by artist Sam Williams is dipped in four different vibrant glazes. It is 7 x 7 and has a 3 inch wide opening.

Multicolored Bowl pottery, ceramics, bowl, sam williams
Multicolored Bowl Price: $29.00
Availability: In Stock
Sam Williams Item #: 9838 -