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Monogrammed Flour Sack Kitchen Towels Monogrammed. Flour Sack. Kitchen. Towel. Pat McGilberry.
Monogrammed Flour Sack Kitchen Towels Price: $7.50
Availability: In Stock
Pat McGilberry Item #: 2893 -

Monogrammed Flour Sack Kitchen Towels crafted by Wilcox County artist Pat McGillberry. Each towel measures 28" x 28". Monogramming available in black and ivory - and any letter. Please call to specify which letter you would like to order.

"Just My Imagination"
"Just My Imagination" Price: $2,000.00
Availability: In Stock
Kyle Pettway Item #: 12124 -

Kyle Pettway-Fourth Generation Quilter, Multi Print Quilt; 65"x66". This is the first quilt that Kyle has put up for sale.

"Women of Gees Bend" Dolls
"Women of Gees Bend" Dolls Price: $7.25
Availability: In Stock
Betty Anderson Item #: 9252 -

Betty Anderson- "Women of Gees Bend" Dolls. Each doll is unique. Each purchase is 1 doll, please contact us to specify which doll you are interested in.

5" Raggedy Ann Doll
5" Raggedy Ann Doll Price: $7.50
Availability: In Stock
Jean Murphy Item #: 7567 -

Jean Murphy: 5" Raggedy Ann Doll

9-Patch Quilt w/2 pillowcases(Blue Foral)
9-Patch Quilt w/2 pillowcases(Blue Foral) Price: $285.00
Availability: In Stock
Virginia Preyer Item #: 4934 -

Virginia Preyer: 9-Patch Quilt w/2 pillowcases (Blue Floral) 73"x86"

A Dark Shade
A Dark Shade Price: $100.00
Availability: In Stock
Dorothy Woods Item #: 2219 -

Dorothy Woods: "A Dark Shade" Quilt 44x50

Artist Brush Roll Up art brush holder, brush holder, brush, art accessories
Artist Brush Roll Up Price: $35.00
Availability: In Stock
Leslie Zacchini Item #: 9202 -

This handcrafted brush roll up sleeve, by artist Leslie Zacchini, is perfect for storing you paint or makeup brushes. It measures 16"x17.5" when laid flat. There are varying pocket sizes to fit your brushes and has multiple places to fold along the top so it can hold short or long brushes. *Brushes not included.

Basket Weaver Block
Basket Weaver Block Price: $180.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Doris P. Mosely Item #: 12119 -

Doris P. Mosley, Yellow and Black Basket Weaver Block; 20"x20"

Big S/Brown Goose Block
Big S/Brown Goose Block Price: $180.00
Availability: In Stock
Doris P. Mosely Item #: 12120 -

Doris P. Mosely, Big S/Brown Goose Quilt Block; Red and Black, 20"x20"

Black&White Greek Square Quilt
Black&White Greek Square Quilt Price: $250.00
Availability: In Stock
Doris P. Mosely Item #: 11503 -

Doris P. Mosely: Black and White Greek Square Quilt, 22"x23", signed by the artist

Brown Goose/Big S Block
Brown Goose/Big S Block Price: $180.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Doris P. Mosely Item #: 12121 -

Doris P. Mosely, Brown Goose/Big S Quilt Block; Red and White, 20"x20"

Cellphone Holder-Large
Cellphone Holder-Large Price: $35.95
Availability: In Stock
Mary McCarthy Item #: 10599 -

Mary McCarthy-Large Cellphone Holder; 6"x4.5"