The Camden Shoe Shop & Quilt Museum, owned and directed by Betty Anderson, pays homage to Anderson's parents and grandparents along with their hometowns of Camden and Gee's Bend. Guests are given tours personally by Betty, who not only entertains each and every guest with her captivating stories, but also educates citizens and tourists about local and regional history, quilting, civil rights, and religion. The museum includes an eclectic display of quilts, furniture, artwork, period clothing, and documents, along with her father's (Joe Anderson) historic shoe repair equipment, which dates to the late 1800's.


Betty Anderson's mother (Marie Coleman Anderson) and grandmother (Minder Coleman) made most of the quilts by hand in Gee's Bend, and they date from 1920 to 2011 - when Marie Coleman Anderson quilted the "911 Quilt".

Step back in time and listen to Betty Anderson stitch a tale of life and regional culture at her Camden Shoe Shop & Quilt Museum. The museum is walking distance from historic downtown Camden and Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center, where Betty is an Artist in Residence and has a studio for making her Gee's Bend Lye Soap and her Gee's Bend Women dolls.


You may catch Betty at the museum throughout the week, but your best bet is to make an appointment. Please be sure to call Betty to schedule large tour groups, or to confirm your visit at (718) 839-3501 or (334) 682-9878.                                          


222 Planters Street in Camden, located on the corner of Planters and Union Streets. Just look for the brightly painted sidewalk.


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