Alabama's Hidden Story: How Highway Could Fuel Tourism
March, 2021, The Telegraph

Spirit of Alabama: Photography Class Captures Black Belt Artists
February 1, 2021, WVUA 23

In Alabama's Black Belt, One Generation of Artists Learns from Another
January 26, 2021,, Todd A. Price, The American South

Black Belt Treasures Draws People from Around the WORLD to Alabama
December 2020, This Is Alabama dot com, Sam Prickett

What Time Has Forgotten, Folk Artist Jessie LaVon Remembers in Paint
May 24, 2020,, Michelle Matthews

Celebrating Art in the Heart of Alabama's Black Belt
January 29, 2020,, Michelle Matthews

New Ruralism - Making it on Main Street
September, 24, 2020, Radically Rural [Remote] Summit, Jo Anne Carr & Jenny Whittaker

AARP Community Challenge Grantees
June 2020

Black Belt Arts and Crafts - Education Amplifies Arts & Crafts Value Chain

Simply Southern TV: Miller Pottery Show 519 featuring BBTCAC
November 2019, Simply Southern TV - Show 519

Black Belt Arts and Crafts | Education Amplifies Arts and Crafts Value Chain
April 2019, WealthWorks - New Wealth Creation Case Study  

Souls Grown Deep Foundation Elects New Board Chair (Mary Margaret Pettway)
May 2018, ARTnews America

Simply Southern TV: Show 423 featuring Black Belt Treasures CAC
September 2018, Simply Southern TV - Show 423, begins at 9:23

Absolutely Alabama: Black Belt Treasures & Camden Shoe Shoppe Museum
January 2016, Absolutely Alabama - Show 402, Segment 3

Gee's Bend writer joins students, BBT Staff along Ferry Ride
May 2017, The Wilcox Progressive Era

Black Belt Community Foundation Has Awarded Arts Grants in Wilcox County
May 17, 2017, The Wilcox Progressive Era

Black Belt Treasures: Growing Arts Based Economic Development

2016, National Association of Development Organizations (NADO)

Treasures of the Black Belt
November 2016, Alabama Living Magazine

Quilting on the Go
August 31, 2016, The Wilcox Progressive Era

Author Jodie Cain Smith to Speak at Black Belt Book Club June 16th
June 8, 2016, The Wilcox Progressive Era

UWA to host Black Belt Quilt Trail
May 16, 2016, The University of West Alabama Public Relations

The Herb Lady to Speak at Black Belt Treasures May 7th
May 4, 2016, The Wilcox Progressive Era

Oil Painting and Fused Glass Jewelry Classes This Weekend at BBT
February 3, 2016 The Wilcox Progressive Era

Alabama Bright Lights: Black Belt Treasures in Camden is a portal into region’s art and culture
October 23, 2015 Alabama News Center by Karim Shamsi-Basha
Al Benn's Alabama: Black Belt Treasures a boost to area
October 5, 2015 Montgomery Advertiser by Al Benn

UA Honors College’s 57 Miles Initiative Offers Photographic Exhibit in Marion
September 30, 2015 UA News

Black Belt Treasures 10th Anniversary Gala October 1st
September 16, 2015 The Wilcox Progressive Era

Scenes from Camden
September 02, 2015 by Kelly Kazek
This Alabama woman finally made it -- when she made it back home
July 27, 2015 by John Archibald

"Wild World of Art" Camp at BBTCAC
July 15, 2015 The Wilcox Progressive Era

Floating Down The Alabama River
July 15, 2015 by Bill Vanderford

Adult Art Classes at Black Belt Treasures
June 3, 2015 The Wilcox Progressive Era

BBTCAC Americorps VISTA Volunteers
February 5, 2015 The Wilcox Progressive Era

Gee's Bend Quilter Will Be Artist of the Month
February 2, 2015 Selma Times Journal by Sarah Robinson

Crowdfunding Treasures: One creative crowdfunding economic development strategy from Alabama's Black Belt
2014 WealthWorks Newsletter - The Aspen Institute

Black Belt Treasures to present Dr. Wayne Flynt and Kate Campbell in People and Place in History and Song
October 22, 2014 The Wilcox Progressive Era

Gees Bend Quilts Reflect Amazing Spirit, History
June 26, 2014 AU Living Democracy

Classes in Quilting, Ceramics, Stained Glass and more
April 9, 2014 The Wilcox Progressive Era

UAB Professors, Students Push Wilcox County, Alabama Economic Development
August 8, 2011 by Martin Swant

Black Belt Treasures to Expose Outsiders to Alabama Crafts
September 26, 2005 - The Decatur Daily

"On the Job" at Black Belt Treasures - 2008

Black Belt Treasures is an Alabama Bright Light from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

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