Full-time Staff

Sulynn Creswell, Executive Director, sulynn@blackbelttreasures.com

Kristin Law, Art Programs & Marketing Director, kristin@blackbelttreasures.com

DeltaCorps Service Members *

Jo Taylor, Arts Education Coordinator I, jo@blackbelttreasures.com

Stephanie Wilkins, Arts Education Coordinator II, stephanie@blackbelttreasures.com

*DeltaCorps is a program of AmeriCorps and the Delta Regional Authority, which deploys AmeriCorps members to local organizations to help them improve economic opportunity in their communities.

Support Staff **

Judy Martin, Outreach Coordinator, judy@blackbelttreasures.com

Mary Lois Woodson, Administrative Coordinator, marylois@blackbelttreasures.com

Kathy Law, Gallery Visual Coordinator

Madi Cook, Gallery Associate

Laura Agee, Hospitality and Tourism Intern (Auburn University)

Laura Grace Creswell, Gallery Associate

**Support Staff work on a contracted and/or on-call basis

Board of Directors

Garland Smith, President

Fred Armstead, Vice President

Rhondel Rhone, Secretary/Treasurer

John Clyde Riggs

Olivia Martin

Dr. Tina N. Jones

Randy Shoults

Nisa Miranda, Ex Officio