Our Guild Members’ contributions make the arts possible in Alabama’s Black Belt region. Thank you for your commitment. We recognize your support is invaluable; we could not support our artists and our communities without you.


Sustainer ($10,000 & above)

Alabama Tombigbee Regional Commission

UofA Center for Economic Development

Benefactor ($1,000-4,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Terry McCartney

Alabama Black Belt Foundation

Community Neighbors Bank

Sponsor ($500 – 999)

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dunbar

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Munoz

Dr. and Mrs. David Potts

Delta Regional Authority

Patron ($250 – 499)

Mr. and Mrs. John Creswell

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Finkel

Mrs. Virginia Harrigan

Ms. Shanna Ratner

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sanderson

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Clarke-Washington Electric Membership Corporation

Nelson Plumbing Contractors, Inc.

Associate ($100 – 249)

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ammons *Artist

Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Barnett

Dr. and Mrs. Sumpter Blackmon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bullock

Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Burford

Mrs. and Mrs. Phil Creswell

Dr. and Mrs. P.C. DeBardeleben

Mr. and Mrs. J. Tod Echler

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Halbrook *Artist

Mrs. Rona Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Corin Harrison

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Holland

Governor Kay Ivey

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Les Johnson

Mrs. Merle Koontz

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lambert

Mr. and Mrs. Fleetwood Lane

Ms. Rebecca Malone

Mr. and Mrs. John Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Donny McLeod

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Norris

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Olin

Ms. Tinnie Pettway *Artist

Mr. and Mrs. John “Bud” Rogers *Artist

Mr. Charles Schutt

Rep. Harry Shiver

Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Webb

Mr. Hugh O. Williams

Pine Acres Farm

McGraw-Webb Chevrolet

Friend ($25 – 99)


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Albritton

Ms. Betty Anderson *Artist

Ms. Caroline H. Anderson

Mrs. Susan C. Anderson *Artist

Mrs. Betty Bain *Artist

Ms. Juliet Beale

Mr. and Mrs. Kinley Bell

Mrs. Grace Bender

Ms. Josephine Blackwell

Mr. and Mrs. Jo Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Bradford

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Norris Carter *Artist

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Collias

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Culpepper

Dr. Jerry Dillard

Ms. Hannah Dolbear

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dozier *Artist

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Epp *Artist

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Flynt

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gaddy

Mr. and Mrs. Owen Goff

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hamm

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Handley *Artist

Mrs. Jan V. Hayden

Mr. John Hogarth *Artist

Mrs. Virginia Hollinger

Mrs. Lindsay Johnson

Ms. Lorenza Johnson

Dr. Tina N. Jones

Ms. Rebecca Koontz *Artist

Mrs. Irene Latham *Artist

Mrs. Kristin Law Cook *Artist

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lewis

Mr. Bill Mathews

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nash

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Owens

Mrs. Lynn Pearson *Artist

Mr. and Mrs. William Pompey

Mr. Stephen Riech

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Salter, Jr. *Artist

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Selsor

Mr. Greg Sheek

Mrs. Elaine Shields *Artist

Mrs. Gayle Shorter

Mr. Randy Shoults *Artist

Ms. JoAnn Smith

Mrs. Inez Taylor

Ms. Katie Thomas

Mr. Hugh R. Thomas

Ms. Alfreda Williams

Mr. Ed Williams

Ms. Andrea Windham Guy *Artist

Ms. Farrell Wright

Dr. Billie Jean Young * Artist

Contributor & In Kind

Mrs. Marilyn Ammons

Mr. Tom Bolton

Mrs. Karen Hamm

Ms. Lucy Hicks

Mr. Sherrill Kirk

Mrs. Lisa Lenox

Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGilberry

Ms. Minnie and Tinnie Pettway

Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop Smith

Mrs. Karen Weir

Foundations & Organizations

Alabama Black Belt Foundation

Alabama Power Foundation

Ala-Tom RC & D

Black Belt Community Foundation

Community Foundation of South Alabama

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama

Delta Regional Authority

Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation

Memorial Contributions

Mrs. Sulynn Creswell

In Honor of Dr. Wayne Flynt
In Memory of Mr. Dwight Harrigan
In Memory of Ms. Harper Lee

In Memory of Mr. Spencer Shoults

Mr. and Mrs. J. Tod Echler

In Honor of Miss Mary Forrest Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Finkel

In Memory of Ms. Grace Donald

In Memory of Mr. John L. Carmichael

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Freeman

In Honor of Mr. Randy Shoults

Mrs. Virginia Harrigan

In Honor of Mike Wilson

Governor Kay Ivey

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Ivey

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Johnson, Jr.

In Honor of Miss Mary Forrest Bell

Mrs. Irene Latham

In Memory of Mr. Ken Dykes

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lewis

In Honor of Mrs. Marilyn Ammons

Mr. and Mrs. John Martin

In Memory of Mr. Spencer Shoults

Mr. and Mrs. Donny McLeod

In Honor of Masters Alexander & Andrew Malone

Ms. Shanna Ratner

In Memory of Ms. Shirley Ratner

Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart

In Memory of Mrs. Katharine D. Schutt

In Honor of Lathrop and Garland Smith

Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center

In Memory of Mr. Spencer Shoults


Mrs. Marilyn Ammons

Ms. Betty Anderson

Mr. Fred Armstead

Miss Mary Forrest Bell

Mrs. Juliette Harper Bullock

Mr. Chance Cone

Mr. Jacob Conn

Miss Samantha Cook

Mrs. Donna Couch

Miss Shetoria Dale

Mrs. Frankie Gaddy

Mr. Bo Gaston

Mrs. Mary Glenn Grant

Miss Emma Groce

Mrs. Jacqueline Hives

Mr. Will Hoffman

Mr. Cade Ingram

Dr. Tina Jones

Ms. Kathy Law

Ms. Judy Langford

Mrs. Olivia Martin

Mrs. Debbie McClure

Ms. Nisa Miranda

Mrs. Monica Moore

Mrs. Linda Munoz

Mrs. Faye Neville

Ms. Paulette Newburns

Mr. Tyson Phillips

Mrs. Ann Prime

Mrs. Elizabeth Reaves

Mr. Rhondel Rhone

Mr. John Clyde Riggs

Mr. Randy Shoults

Mrs. Garland Smith

Miss Grace Smith

Miss Drew Townsend

Miss Barrett Travis

Mrs. Amanda Walker

Mr. Sam Woodson

*updated December 28, 2017. Please note: We strive for accuracy in preparing this report. If your name has been omitted or incorrectly reported, please accept our sincere apology and notify BBTCAC staff.