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 Barn Wood "Black Belt" Colorful Church  Andrew, McCall, Church, Barn, Wood
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Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 8014 -

Andrew McCall creates one-of-a-kind "Black Belt Churches" from reclaimed wood from across the Black Belt region. These "1 door" churches are handcrafted and painted in bright colors, with a pointed top and 1 opening in front. Each work is signed by the artist, and because each church is created by hand, the size, color, shape, and materials may vary slightly. *PLEASE contact Black Belt Treasures to be sure your preferred color is in stock before purchasing - (334) 682-9878 ...

"Do Rag Women"  Rags, Head, Women, Charlie, Lucas, Mask, TinMan, Metal, Sculpture, Face, Folk Art,
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Charlie Lucas Item #: 5749 -

The Tin Man's "Do Rag Women" are a good representation of Charlie Lucas' unique style of working with found objects, re-purposed tin, and a multitudes of recycled materials. Although small in size (14" high by 9" wide), Charlie's "Do Rag Women" are available in a variety of colored head dresses! Please call us at 682-9878 for available colors. Charlie has become an internationally known artist with followers and collectors world-wide. ...

"Nessie" Yard Decoration yard decoration, yard ornament, metal work, metal sculpture,
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Ed Salter Item #: 2419 -

“Nessie” is a very imaginative work of art that is 25" long and 8 1/2"h at the top of her head. She was created from the wonderful mind of Ed Salter. The purple base and green trimmings give the piece lasting visual appeal. The shape of this decorative piece is reminiscent of the famed "Loch Ness Monster" from Scotland - bring her home to your yard today!

A Yellow Watermelon A, Yellow, Watermelon, Ted, M., Dunagan
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Ted M. Dunagan Item #: 2712 -

In rural south Alabama in 1948, whites pick on one side of the cotton field and blacks on the other. Where the fields come together, twelve-year-old Ted Dillon meets Poudlum, a black boy his own age, who teaches him how to endure the hard work while they bond and go on to integrate the field. Through Poudlum and Jake, an escaped black convict, Ted learns of evil forces gathering to deprive Poudlum’s family of their property and livelihood. The white and black boy encounter danger and suspense...

Alabama Folk Pottery
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Joey Brackner Item #: 1185 -

Based on 20 years’ research and experience with potters and their wares, folklorist Joey Brackner presents a definitive, comprehensive survey of folk potters and the folk pottery tradition in Alabama from the early historic period to the present. Illustrated with hundreds of color and black-and-white photographs, the book examines much admired and sought-after ceramics (such as crocks, face jugs, bowls, churns, and garden pottery) appreciated the world over for their originality, beauty, and...

Alabama, One Big Front Porch Alabama, One, Big, Front, Porch, Kathryn, Tucker, Windham
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Kathryn Tucker Windham Item #: 1801 -

In her inimitable style, story teller Kathryn Tucker Windham takes readers on a tour of the history, people, and places of the “Heart of Dixie.” First published in 1975 and long out of print, ALABAMA, ONE BIG FRONT PORCH is now reissued for the enjoyment of all. Alabama, Mrs.Windham writes, is like one big front porch where folks gather on summer nights to tell tales and to talk o family. The tale tellers don’t all look alike and they don’t all talk alike, but the stories they tell are all...

Carolina Planters Carolina, Planters, Edward, Pattillo
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Edward Pattillo Item #: 4591 -

In Carolina Planters on the Alabama Frontier: The Spencer Robeson-McKenzie Family Papers, author Edward Pattillo collects the documents of the fourth-generation New Englander Elihu Spencer and his family and Southern descendants to form a history of the American nation from the point of view of planters and those they held in slavery. The book follows those families through multiple generations. The volume gives detailed account of a privileged world that was afflicted by constant loss and...

Charlie Lucas - The Tin Man
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Chip Cooper & Ben Windham Item #: 3083 -

With more than 200 vivid color photographs--of the artist at work, his studio environments, and his finished creations--Tin Man presents Lucas through his own words and stories--his troubled and impoverished childhood, his self-awakening to the depths of his own artistic vision, his perseverance through years of derision and misapprehension, and the salvation that has come through international acclaim and recognition, love of family, and his role as a teacher of children. ...

Coil Vine Basket coil, basket, Baskets by Buster, Ernie Scruggs, vine,
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Ronald Scruggs Item #: 2119 -

Wanting something to carry your fruits and vegetables in? Or maybe just a place to hold your linens? Whatever your needs, the coil basket from Baskets by Buster is a perfect fit.

Encounters Encounters,Kathryn, Tucker, Windham
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Kathryn Tucker Windham Item #: 207 -

As a storyteller, author, and journalist, Kathryn Tucker Windham has been creating word pictures for more than 50 years. Yet, unknown to many of her followers, she’s been taking pictures even longer ever since a sunny day in 1927 when her sister let her borrow a folding Kodak camera to photograph their friends. The result is an amazing collection of photographs, spanning eight decades of American history, which captures the unique spirit of this indomitable woman and the South she calls home....

Ernests Gift Ernests, Gift, Kathryn, Tucker, Windham
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Kathryn Tucker Windham Item #: 202 -

On the occasion of the centennial of the public library in historic Selma, Alabama, beloved storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham relates the true story of Ernest Dawson. When he was a boy in the 1930s, segregation laws had barred Dawson from using the Selma library. But his love of books and his eagerness to learn was strong, and he eventually became a teacher. Years later he bequeathed to the Selma library money for a new children’s wing so that other eager young readers of all races would...

Eugene Allen Smiths Alabama Eugene, Allen, Smiths, Alabama
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Aileen Kilgore Henderson Item #: 4392 -

In 1871, shortly after the University of Alabama reopened after its destruction by Federal troops, Eugene Allen Smith returned to his alma mater as professor of geology and mineralogy. After persuading the legislature to appoint him state geologist in 1873, he spent his summers enduring chills, fevers, and verbal abuse as he searched for industrial raw materials that could bring about better lives for destitute Alabamians. What he accomplished became the catalyst that transformed Alabama from...