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Soap Dish Spoonrest, Spoon Rest, Pottery, handmade, hand-made, hand made, Mary Jane Moore, Black Belt Treasures,
Soap Dish Price: $14.95
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Spoon rests and soap dishes are a kitchen staple, and this piece is both!  These multi-use pieces make for the perfect addition to all kitchens.  It is great for all chefs-terrible and amazing ones alike!Mary Jane Moore: Spoon Rest/Soap Dish

Espresso Mug Mary Jane Moore, Pottery, Espresso, espresso mug,
Espresso Mug Price: $17.50
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Item #: 12111 -

Close your eyes and imagine you're sitting on the Italian Riviera.  Suddenly, you're holding these precious espresso mugs.  They are the perfect size for your morning shot of espresso and look so cute on any shelf.  These are the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, as well. Mary Jane More: Espresso Mug

Salt Cellar with Spoon Mary Jane Moore, Pottery, Salt Cellar with Spoon,
Salt Cellar with Spoon Price: $17.95
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Item #: 12112 -

Mary Jane Moore: Salt Cellar with Spoon

Clay Bell Mary Jane Moore, Pottery, clay bell,
Clay Bell Price: $12.95
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Mary Jane Moore: Clay Bell