Jessie LaVon

Hale County

Folk Art Painting

Jessie LaVon’s statements regarding her paintings are her own and not edited.

I was born a sharecropper’s daughter in 1955 to Geneva Yelverton. My paintings show a forgotten past and reflects the disappearing scenes of the south. I capture my family’s way of life from the early 1900’s to the late 1970’s.

My first canvases were made when mama and nanny boiled rabbit bones to make a glue and they would dip pieces of white linen cloth in the rabbit glue. My paint was made from post hole muds, berries, plants and coffee grounds.

My family has always had the snake tree. They would go down to the creek and kill a snake then hang it up on a hollored cypress tree then do the ceremonie to make it rain for the much needed crops. My snake tree is copyrighted.

I use life and nature to gather inspirations for my art. I am at peace when I paint. Painting is a haunting beauty to me. The south feeds my soul.

My art is dedicated to my late nephew fallen hero Spec4 Andrew Hand who died on July 24, 2010 in Afghanistan. He was 25 years old. And to my late beloved mama who is dancing in the sky with Andrew.

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Box Car
Box Car Price: $125.00
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The subject of Box Car is the life of an African American family.  It is an acrylic on canvas and has many purple and earth tones.Jessie LaVon- Box Car; 11X14, acrylic on canvas

Playing Jazz
Playing Jazz Price: $125.00
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Playing Jazz by Jessie LaVon depicts a family having a great time with music and jazz songs.  It is an acrylic on canvas.Jessie LaVon- Playing Jazz; 11X14, acrylic on canvas

Picking Cotton
Picking Cotton Price: $125.00
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Jessie LaVon- Picking Cotton; 11X14, acrylic on canvas

Sunday Funnies
Sunday Funnies Price: $125.00
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This painting shows the giggles and happiness of children reading the comics in the daily paper.  The children are shown in a brightly colored room and surrounded by vibrant shades.Jessie LavonSunday Funnies; 11X14, acrylic on canvas

Market Day
Market Day Price: $125.00
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Market Day shows a day in the past where Cokes were five cents and life was slow.  This depicts a family getting ready to sell their goods on the side of the road.Jessie LaVon- Market Day; 11X14, acrylic on canvas

Catching Lightning Bugs
Catching Lightning Bugs Price: $125.00
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Ever caught lightning bugs in a jar with your brothers and sisters? This painting will bring you back to those summer nights when you would pass the time by trying to beat your siblings in the amount of lightning bugs you caught.Jessie LaVon-Catching Lightning Bugs; 11X14, acrylic on canvas