Choctaw County


Dan Melvin has always had an interest in art.  He received a BA in Fine Art from the Atlanta College of Art. He taught recreational art classes and owned and operated a framing business in Texas before returning to Alabama to work in the newspaper industry. Dan is determined to capture the positive aspects of times past when life was simpler and slower than what he sees in the modern world.

Dan’s paintings are created to present a romantic era gone by. He paints from information he gleams from historical documents. He visually empties the space and then fills it in with his version of residence of the past. Dan punches up his romantic, somber pallet with the careful use of orange tones. He continually experiments with new themes such as coastal living, local culture, and country scenes that have been barely touched by time.

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"Back Bay"
"Back Bay" Price: $575.00
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This painting measures 11 1/2" X 8 1/2" unframed and 17 1/2" X 14 1/2" framed.

Sawmill sawmill, dan, melvin, painting
Sawmill Price: $290.00
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This painting of a sawmill depicted by Dan Melvin measures 12" x 4" unframed and 15.5" x 8" framed.