Dallas County

Pottery and Fiber Dolls

LaFawnda Watson credits both of her parents as being artistic individuals who greatly encouraged her to explore her creative side. As a young child, LaFawnda worked with her mother on small pottery projects and kept her small child’s hands busy with the creation of dolls using scraps from her mother’s sewing materials. With very little formal training, LaFawnda relies mostly on attending various workshops to enhance her natural creativity. She has won several awards for her artwork and has exhibited in many galleries across the country. She and her husband are planning a gallery of their own in Selma called McWatson’s Corner Gallery.

LaFawnda uses inspirations from everyday life to create her free form pieces of pottery. She begins with slip that she works with her fingers and uses found objects such as leaves, shells, and old earrings to give texture to the clay.

Her fiber dolls are made using a very natural technique of twisting and tying sticks, fabric, cotton, twine, and other fibers in order to mix earthiness with color for a unique doll.

LaFawnda's work can also be found on her website at