Artist: Kathryn Tucker Windham

Dallas County, Alabama

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    As a storyteller, author, and journalist, Kathryn Tucker Windham has been creating word pictures for more than 50 years. Yet, unknown to many of her followers, she’s been taking pictures even longer ever since a sunny day in 1927 when her sister let her borrow a folding Kodak camera to photograph their friends. The result is an amazing collection of photographs, spanning eight decades of American history, which captures the unique spirit of this indomitable woman and the South she calls home. When Windham looked through her camera, she saw scarecrows decorate an unworked field, old men ponder dominoes on the porch of the country store and little boys scurry to save the laundry hanging on the line from a raging house fire. These images and more which others might have passed by, Windham recognized as significant details of the cultural landscape.