the second head of chocalata, short stories, elmo d ziebach, elmo ziebach
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    Set in South Alabama The Second Head of Chocalata is a series of short stories written about a man and a boy. The author wrote a few of these short stories as the boy recalled tales the man had told him about the hunting and fishing adventures of his youth around the Mobile area. Then the author tells the boy's life as he grew up hunting, fishing, water skiing, and frog gigging in and about the rivers and marshes of the Mobile River Delta and Mobile Bay. Some of the stories are serious, some are sentimental, and some are meant to entertain. All the stories are based on real incidents but the exact truth may be absent here and there are due to the diminishing capacities of the boy. Some names have been changed to protect the author from being abused by his friends who were involved with the real incidents.